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How many coats do you own?

I think I have a new addiction. Hey, if it's going to be wretched cold, I may as well look cute, right?

This question is especially aimed at the NE/Midwest/Pac NW ladies I guess. How many winter-ish coats do you own? Do you buy a new one every year? 

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Lucy Elizabeth 10.27.12

Re: How many coats do you own?

  • Usually a columbia ski jacket to use if I am skiing or if I have to go outside to shovel the 3 feet of snow we get every other day.

     If I am going out I usually have a nice knee length pea coat. I had a nice wool one with silk lining from the gap for a couple of years but the lining tore and I threw it out last year. I got a nice tweed one from Ann Taylor that I expect to use again this year.

     So my answer is, 2 or 3.

  • I think I have 6... best I can remember without actually looking in my closet

    1 ski coat (old school Columbia style)

    1 Northface lighter weight jacket

    1 short khaki hooded peacoat

    1 short herringbone peacoat

    2 3/4 length peacoats in black and white

  • Old school Nautica Coat (warmest coat ever)

    Black Leather Coat (Fall)

    Khaki Trench (3/4 length) (Fall/Spring)

    Black fitted (Winter)

    Off White fitted (Winter)

    Black Peacoat (Winter/dressy)

    Then I have a few of the Northface, and other misc. lighter jackets.


    I think thats it.  Huh?

    Yes, I usually bye a new coat each year. 

  • 10.

    3-in-1 heavy coat


    Red puffy with removable sleeves (it's Guess so not quite as trailer trash as it sounds)

    Pink puffy with removable sleeves and hood (same note as above)

    White puffy because it was cheap

    green trench

    2 fleece jackets

    1 black puffy vest for when I don't want to wear a coat

    1 off-white heavy fleece peacoat

    I think that's it.  I generally buy one every year.

  • I have 3:

    black leather

    green heringbone (sp?) for work

    blue suede-ish material

    I don't buy a coat every year, these 3 have held up well. But I do think I need a more caual shovel snow type coat which I don't have since I've lived in an apartment until marriage.


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  • winter white peacoat

    gray peacoat w/ hood

    off-white fleece in peacoat style

    fleece-y 3/4 length swing coat (in two colors)

    fuschia lighter weight peacoat

    and now lusting after an avocado-color hooded peacoat.  I have a peacoat obsession. 



    image image
    Lucy Elizabeth 10.27.12
  • You all are going to laugh because I live in southern California, but I probably have as many coats as you:

    Warm, long winter coat (down filled, quilted, black)

    Dressy warm winter coat (it's purple, Marciano, I got it at a thrift store for like $30)

    2 trench coats (one black and one red)

    Two short coats (one white, one green floral)

    One blazer-y type thing that I wear as a coat (brown velvet)

    One leather jacket (maroon, so cool)

    One sort-of rain jacket.  Not really waterproof but it's slicker-weight.

    In my defense, all of my family lives in cold state (Illinois, Vermont and Colorado) so I do end up using the warm ones when I visit (and, um, sometimes around here.  It get in the 40's sometimes!)

  • I think I have three or four. I need a new dressy one. But, that is it. I don't feel like describing them. . .
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  • Ohh I love jackets!  I have way too many - 16 Embarrassed

    I have 3 different snowboarding jackets

    2 leather jackets

    4 rain jackets

    2 dress coats

    2 windbreaker jackets

    1 puffy North Face jacket

    2 light weight shells

  • I only have 3 really winter-ish jackets. One is an LL Bean 3-in-1 combination that says Equestrian Team on it from when I rode as an undergrad. It should really be replaced... My other 2 are dressy wool coats, one short brown peacoat and one knee length black dress coat. I have a few more lighter weight coats and a rain coat, but not that many. I have given most away to good will in the last few years since I've moved a lot.

    The last time I bought a coat was 3 or 4 years ago.

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  • I have about 3 fall jackets (a trench, a brown suede, and cute red 3/4 inch with a cinched waist) and 4 winter coats (a North Face puffy coat, an ivory peacoat, a long black coat, and a green mid-calf length coat).

  • I'm in central PA and I have:

    a super duty Columbia jacket

    a very nice pea coat

    a more casual pea coat

    a light weight rain coat

    a light weight fleece coat

    So 5 that I wear every fall and winter and I have like 5 more at my parent's house that I don't use anymore. I'm going to wait till there's a coat drive this winter and donate those.


  • - Northface fleece (I wear this one pretty much all the time unless it's snowing)

    - heavier fleece lined coat w/ hood

    - super dressy trench 

    Apparently my coat collection is sadly lacking but in my defense, NC is only really cold 2 months out of the year, sometimes less. I think I'll ask for a peacoat for Christmas since I've wanted one forever though. 

  • you know the saying, "You know you're from Florida if your winter coat is made out of denim?"?

    I'm pretty much that guy.?

    I do have a few others obviously, but they are all lightweight and could hardly be deemed a 'coat.'?

  • I love coats. It depresses me that I have no use for them. :(
  • This thread sparked by my soon-to-be second coat purchase of the season: 



    in "endamame" 

    image image
    Lucy Elizabeth 10.27.12
  • I have two. A North Face winter coat and a light weight fall/spring coat. I just got the lightweight one this year but my other one is probably 4 years old. 
  • I think I have 3

    1 black down jacket for those bone chilling cold snaps that happen up north

    1 black peacoat

    1 Columbia 3-in-1

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  • I have a few winter/spring (since I live in the Northeast, spring is mostly winterish) ones:

    - Puffy Northface that basically looks like a short puffy garbage bag so it's for casual days/nights

    - Knee-length wool peacoat

    -  Northface heavy raincoat with zip-out fleece

    The last one I bought for when I lived in Boston, since I needed something waterproof and warm for those awesome spring rainy and windy days. 

  • 2. I think.

    One heavy coat for only the dead of winter.

    One corduroy blue light jacket for fall/spring...and the dead of winter.

    Until this past winter, I had 0 coats. I wore my hoodies everywhere. Apparently adult life isn't as accepting as college life :( 

  • i'm in NY so i have a bunch...

    2 black heavy wool peacoats, one waist length, one knee length

    1 black lightweight rain coat

    1 blue adidas heavy winter jacket (for sports, shoveling, etc)?

    1 black military-style coat for fall (lighter than a peacoat)


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  • I have lots of coats.. some just for spring and fall but for winter I have 3 that I wear regularly

    1 columbia super warm coat

    1 brown shorter peacoat

    1 black longer peacoat


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