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flash forward - I have an issue

The girl said she was having a sonogram.  no problem, that means she is pregnant.  HOwever, the time is supposed to be 10pm, do they do sonograms at 10pm?



Re: flash forward - I have an issue

  • Good catch! Maybe she was having problems and went to the hospital where sonogram was done.

  • But she didn't say where she was --- one of the people on the show was in another time zone...

  • Maybe she is in London? Good catch, though! I can't wait until Thursday.
  • I also thought she was kind of huge for how far along she was supposed to be.

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  • Very good catch! The suggestions all the other posts made are good.

    The first thing that made me question that whole scene was that she said she was 17 weeks along, and she knew it was a baby girl. Doctors don't usually do gender determination sonograms until 20 weeks, so maybe it was an emergency sonogram, like a PP said.

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  • Im having an issue with it all really. Its pretty good so far but im starting to think im going to lose interest fairly quickly.
  • I got annoyed at Lost for stuff like this too.

    But even if she was in London, it was 6am in London.  Maybe the West coast?



  • It definitely felt like I was watching a "new" version of Lost.  The opening scene, especially.. It was just like the Lost pilot (the chaos, confusion, the explosion, the lead male jumping into action, etc).  I also noticed the Oceanic sign in the background of the scene... Who from Lost is also working on this series?  It clearly has that same creative influence.

    While I don't care for the lead male actor, I will continue to watch. It's interesting so far, and I'd like to see where it goes. 

    As for the book, someone mentioned that it's not like the series at all so far.. is that the general consensus?  I would actually read the book if it turns out the series is different enough.

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