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customer service sucks.

i was just at staples to inquire about servicing my printer, and the first girl at the counter was on the phone.  she looked at me and looked away, even though i'd just heard her say "sure, i'll hold."

a minute later, she finally looks up again and says "someone will be right over to help you."

that "someone" was at a counter two registers away, chatting with a CW.  he finally ambles over and then after i explain what i need, tells me he can't help me and points to the first girl.

she finally finishes her phone call, chats with another CW, and then calls someone else over to help me.  employee #3 has a brief discussion with her that involves the phrase "that customer is crazy.  you need to call him and tell him he needs to come back and get it, we're not dealing with his crap." 

and then she proceeds to stand there in front of me, while i'm waiting to be helped with another customer in line behind me, SENDING A TEXT MESSAGE.  and giggling.


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Re: customer service sucks.

  • Its a shame especially in this economy when I'm sure there are unemployed people that would kill to have a job and be 100x more helpful.
  • customer service FAIL.
    merry everything!

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  • Indifferent

    No words. Customer service incompetence bothers me to no end. 

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