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Need an Army Wives spoiler

I wanted to create a new post so people don't have to read it if they haven't watched it yet...I was watching Brothers & Sisters and didn't flip over to watch Army Wives...what happened? : ) thanks!
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Re: Need an Army Wives spoiler

  • Joan left for the war...she didn't want Roland or Sarah Elizabeth to come to see her off. Sarah Elizabeth gets sick (she has pneumonia) but should be fine. Joan calls but Roland lies to her saying everything is fine.

    Pamela & Chase: Pamela is upset about being lied to about how Chase was injuried. She is upset that Chase does not want to spend time with the family and ends up lying to her by saying he is going with some other Delta guys to visit a injuried member but insteads goes target shooting. (Pamela runs into another Delta wife and finds this out) They have a big fight about how Chase is lying to her and she basically tells me to go whatever he wants and get out of their house.

    Trevor and Roxy: Trevor is spending all his time with he's first recruit (can't remember her name) she has a minor freak out because her sister overdoses but Trevor talks her into showing up to the swearing in ceremony saying she should teach her niece/newphew a different path in life.  Roxy is upset that Trevor is spending  so much time away from the family.

    Jeremy comes home. He visits the parents of the friend that died in Iraq and seems like he is having a hard time adjusting. The shows ends with a shot of him with tears in he's eyes on a pier.

    Michael and Claudia Joy didn't really have a storyline.

    I believe you can watch in online if you want. 

  • Jeremy's friend, Mike, was killed by a sniper while they were on patrol. Jeremy told Mike's parents that Mike had twisted his ankle playing basketball earlier and was hopping along the patrol vehicle, so someone got off the vehicle and let Mike ride. Right after Mike got on the vehicle, the patrol went under attack, and a sniper shot and killed Mike. What Jeremy DIDN'T tell them - and what was shown at the end of the show - is that Jeremy is the one that switched places with Mike, so the sniper would've shot Jeremy dead if he hadn't switched places. Getting the vibe he feels super guilty about it...I'm not sure how he'll handle it.

    I think Mike is the friend's name...could be making it up.

    [url=http://charmedkindoflife.blogspot.com/].:.Charmed Kind of Life [2.17.13].:.[/url]
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