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groceries - how much does it cost in your area?

just went to the grocery store and am curious...approx. how much do these (random) items cost? 

whole chickens?

milk (organic or non-organic)?

ground beef (per lb)?


squash - butternut or acorn?

orange juice?

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Re: groceries - how much does it cost in your area?

  • Western PA - LCOL

    Whole chickens: 0.89 per lb

    Milk: Gallon is about $3.50 - I don't buy organic

    Ground Beef: $2.39 per lb

    Apples: 1.29 per lb

    Squash: Don't buy this

    OJ: $2.49 for a half gallon

    These are all regular prices.  Sales make the prices lower.

  • whole chickens? hmm..I guess about $.89/pound..? not really sure, I usually don't buy them that often

    milk (organic or non-organic)? we buy non-organic skim and for a 1/2 gallon it is like $2.00 or so

    ground beef (per lb)? $2.40

    apples? not sure..I don't really eat apples

    squash - butternut or acorn? don't eat either

    orange juice? don't really drink OJ either but I'd guess it is probably around $2.50-3.00?

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  • whole chickens?  $ .79/lb

    milk (organic or non-organic)?  about $3.50-4 for half gallon organic

    ground beef (per lb)?  $1.99/lb

    apples?  of course I can't remember now

    squash - butternut or acorn?  $ .79/lb

    orange juice?  $3-3.50 half gallon

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  • I hit the store weekly and based on what I saw a few days ago at my grocery store:


    whole chickens? - $.79/lb

    milk (organic or non-organic)? - $2.39/gal (whole)

    ground beef (per lb)? $1.99/lb (for 80/20)

    apples? - $.58/lb (gala apples)

    squash - butternut or acorn? - $.38/lb (butternut)

    orange juice? - $.99 (for either 64oz carton or can of frozen concentrate)

  • whole chickens? I have issues with the bone-in chicken here so I don't buy it. =( (It's really slimy and gross!)

    milk (organic or non-organic)? $3.50 for a half gallon organic

    ground beef (per lb)? $3.49/lb for extra lean. I think it's more expensive than fattier meat.

    apples? usually $1.19/lb

    squash - butternut or acorn? Can't remember from last year. Just started getting them this week.

    orange juice? Can't remember. We don't drink it that often!

  • whole chickens?  $ 1.69/lb

    milk (organic or non-organic)?  3.39 for skim

    ground beef (per lb)?  $2.39

    apples?  1.49/lb

    squash - butternut or acorn?  $ I don't know

    orange juice?  $3.49 for a half gal.

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  • whole chickens?  $ 1.39/lb

    milk (organic or non-organic)?  $2.99, not organic

    ground beef (per lb)? ?  Somewhere in the $2 range I think

    apples?  1.99/lb

    squash - butternut or acorn? ?

    orange juice?  $1.99 a half gallon

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  • whole chickens - 99 -1.29/lb

    milk - $2.50-3.50/gallon (skim, not organic) Organic is usually $6/gal

    ground beef -  I honestly don't know, I rarely buy it from the grocery store. Maybe $2.99/lb from what I remember

    apples - can't remember

     squash - can't remember that either, maybe about 79 cents/lb last time

    OJ - $3-3.50 for half a gallon 

    Obviously I need to shop where Joelen does, especially for the OJ, lol!

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  • whole chickens? I can pay about $8 for an "antibiotic hormone free, cage free natural" chicken

    milk (organic or non-organic)? $5/ half gallon for organic

    ground beef (per lb)? $12/lb for functionally organic beef from the farmer's market (this is why we don't eat much beef!)

    apples? $3 / lb for organic

    squash - butternut or acorn? $2 / lb

    orange juice? $4.50 / half gallon for organic

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  • These are pure guesses..

    whole chickens? no idea, but a pack of 10 chicken breasts, costs about $15.

    milk (organic or non-organic)? 3.00 a gallon

    ground beef (per lb)? not sure. I think a big pack of 4 lbs costs $8 or so

    apples? 1.50 a lb

    squash - butternut or acorn? not sure

    orange juice? 2.50

  • whole chickens? - I'm not sure - I want to say around $1 a pound, boneless, skinless chicken breast is about $2 a pound

    milk (organic or non-organic)? - about $2/gallon for non-organic skim

    ground beef (per lb)? around $2/pound for 80/20, almost $4/pound for 93/7

    apples? - In the store, about $1.39/pound, I bought them at the orchard a couple weeks ago for $.69/pound

    squash - not a clue, I dont ever buy it

    orange juice? - about $3/ half gallon

  • whole chickens?  Rotisserie is $5, I'm not sure about raw chickens.

    milk (organic or non-organic)?  Non-organic averages about $2/gallon.

    ground beef (per lb)?  Averages about $3.50/lb.

    apples?  $2.00 - 4.00/lb.

    squash - butternut or acorn?  No idea, I haven't purchased one in a long time.

    orange juice?  1/2 gallons are about $1.50-3.99, depending on the brand.

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