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Weekend Plans?

What is everyone doing this last weekend of September?
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Re: Weekend Plans?

  • Tonight I pick up DH at the airport.  Yay!  He's been in Buffalo since Sunday morning for work.

    Tomorrow is my cousins' flag football game and then to Lincoln for our 300th sellout!  It's going to be awesome!!

    Sunday is our final walk through and Monday we buy our house! 

    Lots of exciting things this weekend.

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  • Tonight we are going to a wedding.

    Tomorrow I am cleaning our house. Tomorrow night DH, me, and my parents are going to the Journey excited!

    I'm not sure what we're doing on Sunday, but hopefully nothing.

    Maddie is having fun with her great-grandparents.

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  • I have to work tonight and again tomorrow until 4. We have friends coming to see us tomorrow late afternoon to watch the UGA game and spend the night (we are soooo excited to have visitors!!!).

    Sunday, we will be hanging out with our friends and just relaxing around home.

  • It has been raining here ALL week!

    Tonight:  Having a couple drinks with FIL after work.  H is working tonight, so hanging with the pups on the couch : )

    Tomorrow:  We are in a cornhole tournament/chili cook off.  It's supposed to rain all day, so it should be interesting.

    Sunday:  H works during the day.  Watching football and recovering from Saturday.  Then we have friends coming over for dinner.

  • Today we're getting the car fixed. There's a leak in the fuel line and it needs to be taken care of before it gets out of hand

    Tomorrow I'm bringing Kailey and Brooke for their flu vaccines. Luckily they're getting the nasal mist and not an injection. Big Thank You to however came up with that idea! After that I'm getting the rest of the supplies for the baby shower games I'm putting together for Sunday, and picking up about 50 white onsies and fabric markers.

    Baby Shower for our best friends!!


  • Sarah, congrats on your house!! :)

    Tonight is date night, Brett's check was bigger than normal.  Oh the perks of working on Labor Day LOL.  Then we are going grocery shopping.

    Tomorrow we've talked about driving up to the mountains before the weather starts to change, but I'm not sure if that's set in stone yet or not.  I hope so :)

    Sunday is my lazy day, so I'll probably put something in the crock pot and watch movies with the cat all day!!

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  • Tonight I'm going to get started on cooking/baking for tomorrow, and we're meeting some of my family at the funeral home. 

    Saturday we'll get to my mom's early and drop off food, then my grandpa's funeral is at 3:00.  Afterwords my family is getting together at one of my uncle's so we'll probably be there for a while.  Saturday night we'll probably just hang out at home.

    Sunday I need to clean and do some laundry, and hopefully DH can get the yard mowed.
  • Going out with an OOT friend tonight.

    Football + baking tomorrow (and swinging by the farmer's market in the morning).  I hijacked my mom's KA mixer and brought it home with me - I'm planning to make cupcakes and bread and I'm going to finally try making soft pretzels.  :)  

    Sunday - football and relaxing.
  • Tonight:  Continue (and hopefully finish) painting the living room and dining room.

     Tomorrow:  Power wash the deck, go to a friend's party in the evening

    Sunday:  Church then sealing the deck.  It's a house-centered weekend!

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  • Weekend plans are up in the air... tomorrow we are definitely taking the dog to the groomers and then hopefully spending some of the day outside at a park or something.  It is going to be a perfect fall New England day so I want to take advantage.

    Sunday were supposed to go apple picking but it is going to rain, so that's out.  It is MIL's birthday so we may go to see her for lunch... but I left the plans up to darling hubby so of course they aren't made yet.

    Congrats on your house, Sarah!  So exciting!!!  I remember how excited we were when we were just days away from getting the keys.  Good luck!

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