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So, who is excited?!?!?

For Grey's Anatomy!!!!! I am!

It is such a good TV week. I wish I had time to keep up with them all. Even with my DVR I can't find time to watch everything I want to watch. I did watch the show Modern Family, Cougartown and Eastwick on abc last night. I really like Modern Family, Cougartown was pretty funny(I have a few cougar friends so I got a kick out of that.....lol) Eastwick was so-so. I will give it a second chance.

I also watched the show Mercy on nbc last night. It kinda seemed like it was copying Grey's. Hospital, friends that work together, some patient drama, and a girl with major issues....eh, it was alright!

In the meantime.....tonight tonight tonight!

Re: So, who is excited?!?!?

  • Me me me!!!  Who knows when I will actually watch it, though.  Believe it or not, we are still watching shows from last season!  LOL  Well, we just have 3 episodes of Heroes left.  But with the two kids I'm sure we'll get way behind again this season too.  Although I'll be able to watch my shows during the day for the next two months.  Big Smile

    The only new one we're going to check out is Accidentally on Purpose.  It looks funny.

  • Me 3! I am also excited for Private Practice to come back too. I guess that must be next week after the long Grey's premiere is done. I am so excited to have my shows back, I also have a full DVR to catch up on. I caught the new show the Good Wife on Tues. and I really enjoyed that so I am excited to start a new show. Except I am sure it will get cancelled because that seems to happen w/ a lot of shows I like. I also watched Modern Family and loved it, Cougartown was-meh, I think Courtney Cox tried too hard to make it funny, I will give it another chance.

     Yay for good tv again!

  • image laagch:

    Me 3! I am also excited for Private Practice to come back too. I guess that must be next week after the long Grey's premiere is done.

     I'm with you! I am SO excited for the premiere of Private Practice. I was definitely disappointed when I realized it wasn't on tonight!

  • Grey's was good!  I'm so glad it's back.  I also caught The Good Wife and thought it was good as pp said.  I will probably watch that one. 
  • OMG! Gray's was sooooo good last night! I think I cried all 2 hours... with pauses during the commercials! Although some of it was a little predictable, it was still very good!

    I too watched Cougartown, and I think I will probably add it to the list of shows... I thought it was ok, and a good filler for Wednesday since I don't have any shows that i really watch on Wednesdays!

    I think I caught The Good Wife on CBS on Tuesday--I never caught the name of the show when it started, so if it is the shows title i thought it was pretty darn good, and I'm not a fan of the "law" like shows...  

  • I cried watching Grey's Anatomy and I am soooo glad it's back!! I watched Accidentally On Purpose and thought it was okay. I really liked Modern Family I have that set to record. Eastwick was so-so, but I also will give it a second chance. It sort of reminds me of Charmed. If anyone watches Dexter on Showtime, that starts Sunday:)It is the best show ever!! Wow, I realized I think I watch too much tv. Help!!!
  • I just watched Greys tonight! OMG!! I too think I cried all two hours!!! It was awesome I am so excited its back! I'm super excited The Office is back as well as DWTS!! :-)

    I missed Cougar Town I was hoping to catch it.

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