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Good Morning - happy Tuesday

Re: Good Morning - happy Tuesday

  • this week just continues to be a PITA for me. I waited around this morning for the annual fire check our building gets for insurance purposes. They were going to check all 34 flats between 7:30 -8:30. At 8:30 I called the company to say WTF - where are they? I need to get to work! They finally showed at 8:50, did a 5 mintue check, then I left and got to work at 10, an hour late. Oh well, I guess I'll just be working an hour back tonight then.

    how did they expect to check THAT many flats in one hour though?!?! that's just bad planning


  • Ugh that's really annoying, Monique.

    It's still Monday night here and I'm taking the GRE in the morning. I am so nervous! 

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  • image filleviolette:

    Ugh that's really annoying, Monique.

    It's still Monday night here and I'm taking the GRE in the morning. I am so nervous! 

    Good luck with your exam filleviolette!!
  • Hi guys. Filleviolette- good luck tomorrow!
  • Morning! I am spending another lovely day in Education City while Dave is teaching. I need to find a job pretty soon....

    Fille - Good luck with your GRE! I am sure you will do wonderful! :-) 

    No big plans for today. Waiting to go home so we can watch our new big screen tv :-) 


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  • Morning ladies!

    Good luck with the GRE, fille, it scares me to even think I may have to take it soon too. It seems like forever since I've been in school, and I feel like my brain's turned to mush!

    I have to go to Naples today to run errands, have a PC party tonight, and have to plan for a birthday party this weekend, as well as starting on my financial planning courses! Ack! Too much going on! 

    On a bright note, Jeffery's symptoms seem to be more related to teething than a cold, so now I don't feel like I got him sick. 

    And the highlight from yesterday: I checked in on J (supposedly napping), since it was past time for him to wake. Yeah, he'd apparently done a deed in his diaper and then started playing in it silently. I never heard a peep. But when I walked in, I almost lost my lunch, and he immediately started crying. So yeah, that was a fun clean up. 

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  • Good luck on the GRE filleviolette!

    I have an appointment shortly and then am meeting a friend for coffee before work.  I'm a bit tired still, but my throat feels much better, so that's good. Enjoy your Tuesday ladies.

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  • Good morning ladies!

    Good luck Fille, you CAN do it!

    I am at work, tense and a bit nervous. Today is the day I start working on my law school applications, I am nearing the completion of 1.

  • Good morning!

    Good luck with the GRE - you'll do great!

    Not much going on here. We're off to playgroup after I get W to nap. (He's currently happily tearing apart hte living room.) I'm supposed to get my head around our vacation next week, before the PIL descend on Friday...

    Mum to W (4) and M (nearly 2)
  • Morning! I?m a bit tired today, but in a good way. My neighbor called me last night to go for a swim which I hadn?t done in a long, long time. It was great and very relaxing. We?re thinking of making it a regular thing.
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  • Good Morning! I am stuck at home today waiting for a Bob the Builder to be delivered. My stepdad bought one for James as he is mad about Bob at the moment. The delivery will be here somewhere between 7am and 6pm..... Great!
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