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i like cheese way too much.

i've been on a cheese addiction lately. i'm pretty sure i over did it this weekend ... yuck. it's my favorite thing to snack on. i thought i'd be a little more healthy and eat it with apples and nuts instead of crackers.i try to stick to low-fat, but i do like some that i never find in LF - brie, gorgonzola, gouda, swiss, etc...

is cheese part of your diet or do you consider it more of a treat to eat sparingly, like you would chocolate?

Re: i like cheese way too much.

  • I am a cheese addict.  Especially good cheese.  I've been trying to cut back on eating a ton at a time.  It's definitely something I eat every day though.  And I don't eat low-fat either.  I think low-fat cheese tastes like plastic.
  • Cheese is a part of my diet, in moderation. Today I am planning to have some cheddar with my apple and almonds for a snack. We like to make big dinner salads with a stinky cheese like gorgonzola, feta, or bleu about once a week. I have goat cheese for using on pizza. I don't buy brie.


  • Cheese is definitely part of my diet, but when I am trying to lose weight I try to stick to full-flavored cheeses, like blue, Parmesan, Swiss. 

    I also don't usually put cheese on sandwiches-- you can barely taste it anyway. I'd rathor savor my cheese alone :)

  • I love, love, love cheese.  Especially fancy-schmancy cheese....I always overdo it in the fancy cheese section of the market!  It's OK though, I just try to keep the portions in check.  I'd much rather have a small slice of heavenly Manchego or a smoky Gouda than a bigger piece of something that's supposed to be low fat and tastes like plastic.
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  • I love cheese, and it's an important part of my diet.  I savor it though, and eat high quality, flavorful cheeses, rather than use it on sandwiches or in my cooking.  I think I eat less that way, although I know I still eat too much!

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  • I love cheese, it's one of my favorite foods.  I eat it everyday, but am more conscious of how much I use in meals.  I tend to have a tiny bit in the morning with breakfast, and then a small amount usually makes it into what we have for dinner. 

    ETA: And I agree with pps, I go for the full-fat and more flavorful varieties.  I'd rather have a smaller piece of really good cheese than load up on over-processed low-fat kinds.

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  • i just started trying the Laughing Cow wedges and i like that portion control for a work snack. can't over do it there.
  • Cheese is definately a part of my diet - great source of calcium!  But I try to only eat it once per day.  I love feta on my salad and sometimes for a quick breakfast, I make cheese toast. 
  • you should be nice and i LOVE cheese too! it is a good part of your diet too. i dont snack on cheese b/c it makes me soooo bloated, but its yummy =)
  • I eat cheese almost every day. I like to eat a slice of cheddar with an apple or some grapes, or sometimes I'll eat cheese and crackers as an afternoon snack. I think I'm going to have some right now.... yum.
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  • I only eat it about once a week - my LDL levels came back as borderline high a few months ago and I had been eating cheese almost daily back then - my doctor feels like having it only about once a week will get my levels back down. It's very high in saturated fat.
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  • I live in Wisconsin.  I think they'd boot me if I didn't like cheese. Wink

    I agree with PP: cheese is part of my regular diet in moderation (I try to stick to one cheese thing a day, so if I have string cheese, I nix the cheese on my sandwich, or the cottage cheese, etc.)

    Usually this as well:

    image absent*minded:

    I also don't usually put cheese on sandwiches-- you can barely taste it anyway. I'd rathor savor my cheese alone :)

    Unless its Pepperjack.  Then I usually can't help myself.

  • I love cheese too.  I also like the full-flavored fancy stuff.  I don't eat it that often, but its sooooo good.

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  • I love cheese and it eat it often - I just make sure to measure my portion and fit it ito my daily plan accordingly.
  • I love cheese too!  I try not to eat too much of it too often, but it's definitely one of my weaknesses.
  • image BensBabe823:
    I love cheese and it eat it often - I just make sure to measure my portion and fit it ito my daily plan accordingly.
    Same here. I still eat mostly full fat cheese, too-the only low fat cheese I eat is cottage cheese! I'm not willing to give up the yumminess that is full fat cheese : )
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  • cheese keeps me from being a true vegan...I love it!!! I would put it on everything if I coud. Colby Jack/Provolone/ Monteray/Swiss/Mild Cheddar....Oh Yeahhhhh.. I'm a Badddd wanna be vegan.
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  • Well, I'm from Wisconsin so cheese is sort of engrained in my brain. That means, YES, I eat cheese pretty much every day. I make sure to buy string cheese that's under 100 calories for a snack.

    But, like you, I love gorgonzola, goat cheese, feta, etc...but i eat those in smaller quantities and more sparingly. I'll find a good goat cheese pizza recipe or a gorgonzola burger (turkey or lean ground beef) and those are usually things I dont eat every day so I don't mind enjoying from time to time.

    Cheesecurds are a whole other ballgame....

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