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Tell me about your washer and dryer's please

Our new house doesn't have a washer and dryer - they are taking it with them, so we will need to purchase a set.  I am overwhelmed with all the brands out there.  So if you have purchased a set recently, tell me what you love and hate!  Thanks ladies!

Re: Tell me about your washer and dryer's please

  • We just bought our washer and dryer. They are LG and, so far, there's nothing to hate about them! We got them for a wicked deal at Sears, they are super straight forward and easy to use, but have enough settings on them to wash just about anything and everything without worrying about something going wrong...yay - no more handwashing!

    Turth be told, DH picked them. I simply told him that I wanted something grey or silver and, since I wash nearly everything in cold water on a quick wash, I didn't want  the control panel to be too complicated. Voila...these fit the bill perfectly. Annnnnd, they are "polite" appliances so no more annoying "RRRRRRRRRRRR" noise when the buzzer goes off...itnstead it's an upbeat little chime that lets you know your load is done.

  • I have about ten to choose from. Just have to swipe a card to make them run...
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  • I think our set is by Frigidaire. Front load washer and matching dryer - we got them through Direct Buy so we didn't pay regular price. It was a major score. I like the way they function, they serve me well.
  • We have a super duper old W&D set that we got from my parents when they got new ones two yrs ago.

    They are probably super inefficient energy wise, but we've been told not to get rid of them until they absolutely die since the new ones break a lot more frequently now that they all have electronic components. 

    Anyway, you'll probably get a new set though... and my only advice on that end is to get a fun colour, those are always my favourite when I see them in the store Smile

  • We had to buy a new W&D when we moved in as the ones in the house were as old as I am.

    We decided on this one:  with the matching dryer. After talking to quite a few friends who have front loaders, we decided to wait until they were a little more reliable, and get a top loader for the time being.



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