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going crazy

im plannin my sons first communion party but im stuck about the invite list i am very close with serveral coworkers but not all. honestly theres like 4 or 5 i just dont like. do i invite them all or do i invite only the ones i like then i dont know if i must invite them & there husbands. if i do my small intimate family friend dinner will be half coworkers cause there are about 13 people at work. so there will be about 26 coworkers and like 18 family. help

Re: going crazy

  • I assure you the coworkers you are not close to will not be offended if they don't get invited to your son's first communion party. And in fact if you do invite them, it will just look like a gift grab. Invite only the people you are actually friends with.
  • Well I've never seen coworkers invited to a first communion party. The many I have been to (as a catholic from a huge family married to a catholic from a huge family) have only been family. So I doubt they will be offended. Don't invite them if you are in doubt.
  • Unless you are very close to your coworkers and see them outside of work for functions that are traditionally family-focused (like Thanksgiving dinner), it's generally better to skip inviting any of them to occasions like a First Communion celebration.

    I'm close to some of my coworkers and we do get together socially, but I didn't invite any of them to my children's christenings or baby dedications (I'm Catholic and DH isn't, so we did both).  Nobody got their feathers ruffled.

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  • If you're really that close to certain coworkers, then think of them as FRIENDS first, co-workers second. 

    This is a PERSONAL event, and there is no reason to invite people who you aren't close too.  As a pp said - quite honestly, if I were invited to a party like this for a coworker I wasn't close to, I'd be thinking "WTF?".

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  • If you do decide to invite some coworkers, I would be sure to send the invites to their home addresses. ?Don't hand them out at work because then someone is bound to see/hear and feelings will get hurt.
  • The first communions I've been to have been family only.

    If I weren't blood or marriage related to the child, I don't think I'd go, unless I were the godparent.

    I agree w/ PP who suggested sending invitations to their home addresses, not handing them out at work.

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  • Honestly? I wouldn't invite any co workers. 18 family members sounds like a good amount for dinner to me.
  • Oh and I agree that unless you are bff with these coworkers outside of work - hang out with them all the time, talk to them outside of work ,etc., I wouldn't invite them either.
  • You can host however you wish.  I wouldn't presume to invite any co-workers to a communion party, but that's me.  For us its family and very close friends. You certainly don't have to invite them all.  Especially one's you don't like.

    Now, any invitation would include a spouse.  It would be very ODD to be invited to a party and have DH excluded.  And frankly, rude.  So expect them to include their spouses. 

    If you want it "small and intimate" keep it to family,  But there is nothing wrong with including a bigger crowd and having a bigger party.  It's your choice.

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  • I'm jewish, so what do i know about communions... but, I'd definitely invite husbands if I invited people from work.  I dedinitely would not invite people that I don't like.
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  • image livinitup:

    Now, any invitation would include a spouse.  It would be very ODD to be invited to a party and have DH excluded.  And frankly, rude.  So expect them to include their spouses. 


    Oh wow I completely didn't comprehend that part when reading the OP. Yes of course the husbands must be included in the invitation!
  • I have never heard of anyone other than family and god parents attending a First Communion.  I live in NYC so I'm not just citing local customs.
  • unless you treat those co-workers as family, then they are in.


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