May 2008 Weddings
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Thank you ladies all for your advice and for not judging me. This is why I love our board! Anyhow I did tell him over lunch. I was entirely honest because weve never been anything less than honest with each other. He was upset and hurt but I apologized and he forgave me. Were fine and he agreed that we wouldn't ever bring it up, so as not to make it worse and no more guilt on my part, or hurt on his. Haha from now on Im only going out with him. j/k but I will be more responsible next time! Definitely.

BTW for those of you who asked, I was with the group and several guys walked us out together.And the bride did much worse than I did =/

It was exciting to dance with and have someone be interested in me, but the price is too high, I learned my lesson and Im glad I didnt have to go to far to learn it!

Thanks again

.*. We come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by finding an imperfect person perfectly .*.


  • I'm glad you told your hudband.  Honesty is the best policy to keep in marriage. 
  • I think you made a good choice being honest with your husband. Hiding even the smallest thing can turn into a huge problem later. I really wish my husband and I were more honest with each other when it mattered.
  • I'm glad you told him and worked it out.  You wouldn't want that lingering over your head.


    That clarified more for me that you as a group walked out and boy oh boy I hope that bride tells her FI but I bet she doesn't.

  • I'm so glad you told your H!  Honesty is best and I hope you two can move forward without ever looking back. 

    As a married woman, I am more conscious of situations than I have ever been since I don't want someone to ever get the wrong idea.  You learned your lesson and you are a far better person for it.  

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  • Glad that everything worked out and that you feel better! 

    Also, and I'm sure you already know this, but you're a darn lucky girl (that H was so understanding and is secure enough to move on)!  Give that guy an extra hug :)

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