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Ugh I know ... but I have a Mommy question

Sorry girls I know there is a ton of Mom stuff on our board but I gotta ask since you all know that my doctor made me feel bad about how much my child was eating.  Well Ivy just had her 1 month visit. 

So my question is how much weight did your children gain during the 1st month?

Re: Ugh I know ... but I have a Mommy question

  • Ok so I don't have a legit answer, not having a child.  However, one of my best friends had a huge baby (seriously she (the baby) weighed 9.5lbs and was 2wks early).  Delaney (the baby) is now abt 18mos and she's always been big (like 98th+ percentile for weight and 90th for height).  I don't remember exactly how much she gained during month one, but I do remember she was up to over 20 by 5mos. 

    Ok, so long story later... at 18mos, she's still big, but she's healthy and happy.  Developmentally she's perfect (walking, talking, etc).  My friend, her Mom, is a teacher and so is particularly atune to kid-issues and all's well. 

    Honestly, I'd consider a 2d opinion as far as your pedi.  I know undereating can be an issue (developmentally), but I've never heard of a newborn "overeating".  To me, overeating is something that happens when you eat for emotional reasons, which is totally n/a to an infant.  Again, I'm not a doctor or nutritionist, but your doc's advice/concern seems really odd, esp given my friend's experience.  GL!


  • i am sure she is fine. we were in the NICU for the whole first month on a feeding tube for most of it so i don't have an answer for you. i know how you feel though but i am sure you are doing your best!!
  • Connor gained 2lbs in the first month. He is now almost 3 months and has gained 6.5lbs.  We went to the doctor on wednesday and he weighs 15lbs 11ozs.
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  • i wont give you our stats either since they wont measure up since Bennett was a preemie.

    our doc told us that she wants to see him (and i asked, its for full-term babies also) between  .5 oucnes and 1 ounce a day.

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  • Jillian, I thought you were going to find a new doctor!

    This is my BFF's blog. Her daughter is now 12 months, but she updated her blog with MB's stats after every check up.

    She was 9 lbs something at birth and looks like she was 11, 2 at her 1-month appoitment. So approximately 2 lbs in the first month. She has always been in the 95-98%.

    It's a great blog, because she writes about all the milestones.

  • Susie was 5 10 at birth and 6 7 At one month 9 10 at two months
  • I left her diaper bag in the car, which has her growth records on it, but I'm pretty sure she gained about a pound and a half. 
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  • I took my "tank" to get his weight checked this morning... because we're exclusively breastfeeding I wasn't sure if he was "getting enough"... it's so hard to gauge! Is he sleeping because he's full and content or lethargic because he's not getting enough?

    I just wanted to know.... In 10 days my boy gained ONE POUND, ONE OUNCE. Ha ha!!! LOL.. My Dr just laughed and said "He's absolutely fine... no need to worry"

    I would get a new Dr...

  • I'm pretty late on this but it's very important to not compare your baby to other babies.  They all grow and meet milestones at different rates - well for ever - but mainly up until they're 2-3 years of age.
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