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Poll:jewel's bday?

What did everyone do to celebrate their 21st bday?

Re: Poll:jewel's bday?

  • I honestly don't remember, it was so long ago (almost 20 years...yes, I"m old).  I was in college and living in the student apartments so I would guess there was some drinking involved ;-).  
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  • Mine was one of those couple days celebrations. First a party at my place, next day a party at a friends sorority house, next day a party at a bar with co workers, and the next day another party somewhere else.


  • H (boyfriend at the time) took me and some friends to the river. It was my first trip there and haven't been back since. But I LOVED it. I think it was my best birthday ever!

  • I went to Vegas... I mean, we would have gone to be Vegas if my dr gave me permission.Big Smile
  • Mine was pretty wild - had dinner at El Torito with A, my mom, and my brother. I had a delicious pomegrante cadillas margarita :) Went out with friends at some point too, but nothing crazy.
  • I'm sitting here trying to think...and I honestly CANNOT remember!!

    I was in college, I know that much but it was summer so...I think I may have spent it with my mom...(I know lame)...WOW.  WTH man, I'm not THAT old for me not to remember... I mean it was like 7 years ago! LOL!

  • Dinner at Bj's with the friends, and I think H (boyfriend at the time) took me somewhere or something, but it wasn't a big deal I know that.
  • I hung out with my cousins I think we went to a party then back to her parents house nothing wild
  • I went to Olive Garden w/P & a few friends after work. Craaaaaazzzzyyyyy hehe

  • I had the most awesome 21st bday.  I was pregnant and I probably ended up buying beer for my ex and his friends.  Crying

    My 30th will be much much different.  No baby in my belly and Vegas!


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  • Actual Birthday- Thursday night at Cowboy Country in Long Beach with my sorority sisters- drank a LOT until 3am then had to get up at 7am for 8am class, lol :)

    Day after- Howl at the Moon with a different set of friends at Universal City Walk (I LOVE that place :) ).

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  • I went to vegas with my best friend.  Stayed at Circus Circus cause it was cheap and drank the night away.
  • I was attending Chaffey at the time. I remember I had a class in the morning, then a friend took me to lunch and went shopping with me until I had to go back to school for the Anthropology lab in the afternoon. Real exciting stuff, I tell ya! Hey, at least I can remember ?? years later!!
  • I can't even remember.  I know it probably involved a drink.  Happy belated 21st J!
  • I was in college and lived in the on campus apartments. My friends kidnapped me, and took me out to breakfast at a diner. I went to college in SF and we rode public transportation everywhere, so I was on MUNI in my PJ's with a nametag that said "HI, today is my 21st birthday".

    We later went to the Folsom Street Fair....a sexually oriented street fair; my friends wanted to buy me a public spanking (I declined)! Finished up the night at Chevys drinking and eating.

    It was a great bday! 

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