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Trips to Egypt?

DH and I are looking into the possibility of visiting a friend in Cairo. Any recommendations or side-trip ideas?

Re: Trips to Egypt?

  • I haven't been there...yet...but I know Moving2Munich has been there and she has all sorts of stuff on her blog.  Her trip looked amazing!
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  • You're right! I even bookmarked her entries! I'm going back to read them now! :)
  • I visited for 1 day (yes, one day - day trip from Cyprus) so in no way did I get the lay of the land.  But I can tell you to put on your street vendor deflector shield!  I've never felt so bombarded and bothered before.  On the bright side, they're easy enough to brush off.

    I would totally go if I were you!

  • I haven't been but DH and I are talking about going over easter!

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  • Do you dive?  We went diving in the Red Sea out of Hurghada.  We had a great time.  I hear that Sham al-Sheikh is really nice too.
  • DH and I went wtih FIL and BIL last September and really enjoyed it.  Here is the link to our photo book with all of the information:


    Let me know if you have any questions, we did really enjoy it.  We went to Cairo and the red sea and I liked Cairo better.

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  • H and I went for 15days last May ('08).  My favorite place was Abu Simbel-- truly magnificent.  I mean the pyramids and the Nile were impressive, of course, but Abu Simbel was worth the extra travel!

    Sharm was fun, but it's pretty much just Western-style AIs, so I'd say, do the cool stuff first!


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