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do you guys have screens on your windows?

we don't and last night we found a couple of cats eating our dogs food in the kitchen :)

I went to the hardware store to find screens and the guy said they don't have them and tried to selll me this mesh wiring stuff but it just looked awful (I always pick beauty over function).

Re: do you guys have screens on your windows?

  • Screens do not exist in the Kingdom of Norway.  Or anywhere in Europe that I've seen.  No

    Creepy!  Foreign cats in the kitchen!

  • we do here but i never saw them once in the UK or Ireland. I would be totally freaked out to find random animals in my house!
  • We do not and I hate it! 
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  • we do thank goodness as there are all sorts of scary things like huge spiders here

    we didn't in London though!!! so weird

  • imagewise_rita:

    Screens do not exist in the Kingdom of Norway.  Or anywhere in Europe that I've seen.  No

    Creepy!  Foreign cats in the kitchen!

    Seriously!  I can't stand not having screens on my windows.  I had a post similar to yours last week.  I can't wait for summer to end just for the specific reason that we have no screens and I am so sick of all of the bugs in our flat.
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  • Let's not forget no A/C, forcing you to keep your screen-less windows open, inviting all sorts of fauna into your home!
  • imageNCV2:
    We do not and I hate it! 

    This.  We have no central air, open windows, and a fair number of bugs though...

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    After 3 years living abroad, we are back in NOVA.
  • Whenever I cook fish, I have to open the window, apparently inviting our far-too-brave neighbourhood cats to come sit on the ledge. They scared theh bejeebus out of me the first time, just sitting there watching!
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  • No screens
    ?Transatlantic Blonde?
    it's called a kilt, he's scottish
  • Get thee to Praxis or Gamma!

    They sell them. Just tell the idiot who helps you that you don't want the stupid plastic flaps, you want the mesh. 

    They aren't cheap though. My neighbors all have them. I am jealous.

  • We bought some this year to put on our windows because FI hates bugs like mad.  They sell these kits that you have to cut to the right size for the window, and then you can velcro them to the frame of the window.  It's nice because you can still open them to put your hand out and close the shutters.  They were definitely expensive though, and will only last for this summer.
  • In England I did not - once the neighbors cat was not only in our house but almost to the landing upstairs. That little sucker was lucky our dog was asleep on our bed or he would have been my dog's lunch that day!
  • I've only seen insect nets here, no proper screens.  We don't get a lot of bugs though, on the third floor, and definitely no cats!
  • we had some temporary fixable stuff you used in conjunction with velco, but now we have some that are like squares and you pull them apart to the width you need and they sit in between the sides of your window...I'm probably not explaining right. We have found a few companies we will use to make some when we finally buy since I like the look of those better (American style and a kind that rolls up and you pull it down with a solid frame that is built into your window).
  • No screens up north here. Seriously, doesn't get hot enough to have the windows open.
  • We do, thank goodness because we have massive bugs here which are so disgusting! I can't believe you had strange cats in your house, that is crazy!
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  • No, but on our todo list if we can find any... not many in this country... lots of mosquitos in the summer! :(
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