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Have you guys ever

lived alone?  I have never lived alone.  I mean moved out on my own when I was younger but I always had roommates then boyfriends and more roommates then H.  I have never lived alone.  Have you girls?

Re: Have you guys ever

  • I did for about a year.  I didnt like it because i hated being in apt all by myself, i always thought the "crazies" in my neighborhood were going to come kill me or something.. haha
  • I'm doing it right now for the first time. The first couple weeks were hard because I was living in a new place and knew no one. Now that school and work have started its getting easier. Even being hard I prefer it. For the first time I don't feel like I have to be mindful of what I do to please someone else.
  • For 6 months - my last semester of college. But DH (then FI) slept over probably every night, so it doesn't count so much, lol.
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  • Nope, never. Went from living at home, to having roommates in college, to living with H (as BF then FI). 

    Heck I was happy just to get my own room when I moved into a trailer my 3rd year of college. 

  • I lived alone the summer between my sophomore and junior years of college. It was only for about 4 months, so not a very long time.

    I loved it. I was dating DH at the time, so I never felt lonely. He worked nights at the time though, so I had to find other ways to occupy my time. But I loved having my own kitchen, and not having to share common areas with roommates. 

    There was one day when I really thought I was going to die. When I first moved in, the girl who was living there but going to study abroad for the summer told me that the vacuum cleaner was broken, but that the management would be by in a few days to fix it. They never came, and I eventually forgot about it. Fast forward two months later or so. I came home from work one day, unlocked the door (well, I used my key, but I think the door was already unlocked and I just didn't realize) and I walked in, and there was this older guy sitting at my table. I saw him, and seriously my heart stopped. I was so scared. He was scary looking. Turns out he was fixing the vacuum cleaner. He did some other maintenance for us later on while I was living there, and he turned out to be really nice, so all was well. But it was one of the scariest moments of my life, and I couldn't believe he had gone in there without them telling me he was going to be there. They were a terrible management agency, and the people who owned the condo I lived in eventually switched to another agency, because they had so many complaints about this one.

    Anyhow. Other than that, I had a terrific time. I had a really tough time adjusting to having roommates again when they all moved in in the fall. Thankfully I had a private room - I always really hated having to share a room in my other apartments.

  • I lived alone for about 4 years before H and I bought a house. I really enjoyed it. No worries about keeping someone else up watching TV, or reading in bed. No one else's messes to clean up after but your own.

    Don't get me wrong, I love living with H also, but there's something nice being the only one responsible for whatever happens, good or bad.

    The only time I didn't like it was when my neighbor had a ridiculously drunk ex BF banging on her door at 3am and wasn't home. It's times like that I would have prefered someone else around, y'know like a witness in case something happened. lol

  • I went from college to an apt with 3 girls to living with DH.  There was a summer that I practically lived alone bc my roommate was never there. 

    Living alone is not good for me...I tend to eat more when I'm alone Embarrassed

  • yep...i lived alone for about 2.5 years before H moved in a few years back. i loved living alone but it can get lonely. i learned a lot about myself though!
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  • a sketchy $500/month 1 bdr apt (the kind w/ the motel style doors and rickety metal stairs) next to a train station in a Chicago was terrifying. There was a guy who came to my door claiming he was a bug man in street clothes and tried to come in...there were a few times I really wished I had a roommate, esp. a guy to live with then. It was freaky and lonely. But I am a huge people person so I know people who did like living by themselves.
  • Yes, for years. But I'm old.
  • My only living alone experience was when DH moved to FL and I stayed in NYC for two years.  Since I worked crazy hours, I was rarely at home alone.  During most weekends, I was traveling to see DH or he would be there with me so that didn't really count.  The few weekends I was at home, it did get a little lonely and it explains why I got a cat Big Smile.  I will say that it was nice to be able to keep everything nice and neat the way I liked it.  DH is a hot mess with certain things, like leaving random receipts everywhere.  It bugs me to no end and I refuse to pick up after him, so the result is a lot of small pieces of paper hanging around the house.  Ha. 
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  • I did for about 4 months, after a boyfriend broke up with me and moved out.  It sucked, but I couldn't tell if it was because I was depressed about the break-up, anxious about being a poor grad student, or just not good at living alone.
  • Does alone with a toddler half the week count?  I moved out on my own for a couple years when I left my son's dad.  I loved it.  If I wasn't married and didn't have children, I could totally see myself being the old cat lady all alone.
  • Yup and loved it!  I lived alone for about 10yrs and DH lived alone for 11yrs.  We too are old :)

    We actually lived alone for 4 of the yrs we dated; we've since lived together for 3yrs.  In many ways it's nice to have H here, but gotta be honest, I still miss my own (truly own) space and I think DH would concur!

  • Yep. I'm super happy I did it too. I lived with roommates in college and then when they all moved away I got an apartment on my own. DH was still in college in another state so when he was home he spent the night but that wasn't often. I loved having my own place but I am used to a big family/lots of roommates so I was over it by the following year when my bff moved into town so we got an apt together.
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