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Note: This only affects The Nest's community members and will not affect members on The Bump or The Knot.

prayers please - update

My best friend just called and told me that my next door neighbor passed away of a brain tumor. We're both sort of hoping it isn't true as you never know with the gossip in our town but her mom heard it from another teacher at her school and it sounds pretty reliable. Apparently they were at their vacation home in Maryland and he wasn't feeling well and his wife took him to the hospital, they discovered a brain tumor and he died later the same day. I have chills and am praying this isn't true but I feel that it is. I'm going to go call my mom right now.

I couldn't reach my parents so I called the minister of the church both our families attended when I was growing up (and my parents and neighbors still attend). He did pass away this morning but not of a brain tumor. From what Rev. Moran said it was general system failure... Mike had always been overweight and a big lover of "excess" you might say but I just can't believe this. He has three kids, the youngest is starting college this fall... I'm just sitting here shivering, I think I've known this family for my entire life, or all of it that I can remember. I can't imagine this. My sister finally thought to try for our father at the golf club he is President of and I found him there. He said he was headed straight home, my mom was in a meeting and he hoped to beat her home. .... 

Re: prayers please - update

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