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Dear Government of Norway

I do not find it sufficient that you consider THIS operating business hours:

10:00-14:00 Monday, Thursday & Friday
10:00-17:00 Tuesday
Closed Wednesday

If I learn that you close for a lunch break between those times, as I suspect, I will probably blow a gasket.

I especially find it unacceptable that you are moving services such as passports, drivers licenses and immigration paperwork for the entire county, population 270,000, to one location.

Also, if I find that you have one window with one person working to handle all 270,000 people, as I suspect, I promise you I will blow a gasket.

Do your job.  You suck.  Devil

Vent over.  Sorry you had to hear that but I had to get it off my chest.


Re: Dear Government of Norway

  • Wow!  17:00 on Tuesday?!  I wonder if they get paid overtime!  Stick out tongue

    But on a positive note, when DH and I were filling out loan paperwork on the Skandiabanken site, we had a question about something and live chatted with the customer service rep on a Sunday afternoon!  I ? Skandiabanken!  Especially since when we went to the Nordea branch to find out why they hadn't mailed my new bank card when the old one expired, we had to sit around for 45 minutes before our number came up.  And we were the next ones in line!  Grrr!!!!

  • I suspect you are right about the lunch break, and they probably have a coffee break too. There never seems to be anyone working in these places, I have once spent a whole week trying to get someone on the phone and failed miserably after attempt # 3.587
  • I love Skandiabanken, too.  I've demagnatized like a bajillion debit cards and it's a snap to get a new one.  SMS balance check = love it!  

    I think a shot of capitalism in Norway's arm is just what the doctor ordered.

  • ooooh I love skandiabanken too, lol!

    and ROFL re: the opening hours. soooo typical, but that does not make it any less annoying! grrr....I love how they think that they can work a few hours a day when they feel like it, and expect that everyone else can modify their work schedules to work with those ridiculous hours. Although when I was in germany, I learned that nothing there is open on sundays. nothing. So then I felt like I couldn't complain as much anymore! at least you can buy food on sundays here!


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  • imageMrs.E.07:

     at least you can buy food on sundays here!

    I can't here.  But I can in Sweden! Yes

  • what?! I thought it was the same in Norway. man that sucks.

    </br>TTC #1 since Sept 2011 </br> BFP#1 1/31/12. Empty sac discovered 3/5/12. MTX due to location in uterine horn.
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  • Dear Government of Norway,

       Please hire me to work 4 days per week 5 hours per day.  I worked for the US and Australian governments so I have some idea of how to be a governments worker, but clearly you are much better at it then the for mentioned countries.  I only speak English, I hope that's okay




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  • Wise_rita, I am sorry to say this but I think you seem to overreact to some situations you are not used to. I am not on this board as often as I used to due to the time difference, but it's not the 1st post I see where you act like that.

    It's a supposition here because I am not a government worker of Norway but very often, these places close early so the workers can process all the paperwork without being interrupted every 5 min by someone who walks in. Also, as for the 1 location for 270,000 people, it doesn't seem too bad. It is mostly to be cost efficient. As a comparison, if you want a visa for the US in France, there is only 1 location (the one in Paris) and that's for 60 million people! And in Spain for example, most things are closed from noon to 4pm! That's how they work.

    I think you should take another approach to your life abroad and think with a Norway mindset rather than a US mindset.

    Hope you don't take it badYes 

  • Your comments have been noted and "filed" - thanks!
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