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traffic jam

So I am very sad about Sen Kennedy, a great man who did so many things for our country.  As you can imagine local tv is all Teddy all of the time right now.  When I got home from the hospital today I found out that his funeral is being held a block away from the Brigham.  This is going to be a complete nightmare.  The church has no parking...and I think you all know about how hellish the parking is at the hospital.  It is going to be a complete zoo probably starting friday.  So not only will every Kennedy be there on Sat but Obama, Clinton and prob half the senate!  They are talking about busing people to the mass.  Which is a very funny image as I would love to see Hilary and Bill and Obama in a yellow school bus.  What will probably happen is that certain people (read obama) will come in on a helicopter and guess where the closest helicopter landing pad is....guess where there is a secure underground garage...guess where the discounted parking for nicu parents is on the weekends...yup Ella's current address.  We literally can see the helicopters come in at practally eye level as the landing pad is directly above Ella's window.   I wonder what time we will have to go into the hospital to make sure we make it in.  I hope the mass is in the afternoon so we can go in early in the morning.  I will let you know if there is a strange closing of the parking garage for Sat posted tomorrow.
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Re: traffic jam

  • UGH. I totally understand. Obama came to the hospital where I work last month and they didn't allow anyone to enter/exit the garage from 10am-2pm. It was horrible since we are in a similar circumstance to you re: being in a city and no other parking available.

    The worst was when Queen Elizabeth and Laura Bush came last year and toured the hospital - they shut down every elevator in the hospital for over an hour and had most of the staircases blocked off plus blocked off the garage - it was such a nightmare for families.

    And when Michelle Obama will come at Christmas and read a story in the lobby (every first lady comes when they are in office to read a book) the place will be a zoo. Staff at the hospital LOVE LOVE LOVE Obama.

     I am sorry - it was a pain as an employee - I can't imagine being a parent.   Good luck!!

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  • Oh no!  I hope you'll be able to work around it and not miss any time with Ella!  You are right, it will be a total zoo.  I would suggest looking for somewhere else to dump the car and just walk over - but probably everywhere for a mile around is going to be nuts!  Let us know how it goes!
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  • you have anyone local who could drop you and pick you up? even if you had to walk a bit it might be worth it not to battle the crazy traffic.
  • Ugh.

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