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Volunteer work

Now that I have more time on my hands, I wanna find a way go get back in to giving back.  I want to find something that I could possibly get my almost 4 year old involved in in the Bham/N. Jefferson area. Any ideas?

Re: Volunteer work

  • I have nothing for you.  You have to be 16 w/ a parent, 18 w/out to volunteer at the Alabama Wildlife Center...and we're in Pelham.

    Doesn't the zoo have camps?  I don't know...I wish I could help you out, getting a child started early in something could really help them in the future.

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  • Are you involved in a church/religious affiliation? There seems to always be opportunities in that area.

    Otherwise, a couple times a year there are kid walks and "fun runs" where you can raise money for various organizations here in Birmingham. I think the most recent one was for Juvenile Arthritis.

    Or the quickest, easiest thing you could do to get your LO involved in the community is pay attention to when there are canned food drives, clothing drives, school supplies, christmas gifts, etc, and have your LO help you collect for them - even if it's taking them to the store and having them help you pick out which canned foods to get. I think most of the school supply drives are over for the year (I know the one at my church just ended last Sunday), but the next one coming up that will probably be starting up soon would be canned food collection for Thanksgiving.

     OR-- you could get your LO to draw pictures for a local nursing home and take him over to deliver his pictures and maybe let him visit for a little while. 

    My earliest memories are of my mom getting me involved in the community like this, and volunteerism grew into a VERY VERY BIG, important part of my life. I think you're a wonderful mother to want to get your LO involved in your (our!) community :)

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  • Thanks for the suggestions.  I like the idea of drawing pictures for nursing homes.  We donate food to the food bank at church, but he's too young to actually help work it with me.  I just want Eli to grow up being thankful for everything he has and know that in turn he should try his best to help others. Oh, and I have a friend that used to volunteer at the Wildlife center a few years ago.  I actually took Eli up there and he loved it. 
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