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My friend bought tickets today... Is it sad that I feel like I am reliving my youth with these middle aged men? (We actually got good seats!)


  • I had tickets in the 25th row and as much as I love NKOTB, I could NOT bring myself to spend $80 on a ticket. (that's with all the fees and tax).  So I let them go. Hope you have fun!

  • LOL, nothing wrong with a little nostalgia. I'm itching to buy my tickets now but I need to find out if my friend's going with me or not first, so we can get seats next to each other.
  • WE are going.  I went to their concert in 2nd grade with my mom, sister, two friends and their mom.  My sister just called to say we are having a nkotb reunion she bought us all tickets!!!

    I feel so Blessed!!!

    Here comes baby #3!!

  • while driving back from sioux falls today my hubby was reading me the paper and they are now calling all you 20-30 something NKOTB Fans Block heads.   I just laughed. 

    I can't believe the local radios are playing their music. I could definitely do without that.

  • I got tickets on the main floor!  I really hope that the concert-goers are around my age, and I don't feel old!  I went and saw Justin Timberlake last year, and I was one of the oldest ones there, I swear (aside from the parents who brought their daughters)
  • My sister called this morning and was trying to convince me to get a ticket to go with her and a friend.  I was really tempted but there was no way I could justify spending that much money to see a concert I don't really care about! My sister thinks that our mom should have bought us each a ticket since she wouldn't let us go see them when they were at the state fair:)


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  • We got ours as soon as they went on sale Sat morning. We are in the lower bowl, section 105, row 2.

    We didn't want floor seats because it's so hard to see sometimes, so lower bowl is perfect because you are a little above the rest of the crowd.

    photos by jennied photography

    Alissa Jean

  • Got my tickets! Good seats too, I think. Section 121. yay! :-D
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