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Hanky Panky Review

Ok so my box of hanky panky arrived. One glorious pair. At first I looked at them going "one size fits all...yeah right"! Well I wore them all day yesterday. Heres my review:

Fit: They fit! that was a surprise to me.

Style: They were low rise so they sat perfectly on my hips

Fabric: I NEVER wear lace undies so that is what took the most getting used to. If they have NON lace I might be more of a fan.

Comfort: I didnt even know I had them on most of the day so that was good!

Ride up?: Not once


Price:  I have some VS undies that were cheaper that I love just as much as these but I will be getting just a few more pairs for my collection.

OVER ALL SATISFACTION: on a scale of 1-10 and 10 being the best I give these a 9!


Re: Hanky Panky Review

  • wow, that's a good review! what didn't you like about the lace? was it scratchy?
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  • Excellent review.  Yes  You should work for Consumer Reports.

  • The lace wasn't scratchy its just not something I normally wear so it *felt* different to me. I am more of a cotton or silk girl. I think if I wore these a few more times I would get used to them.
  • YAY!  I'm glad you liked them :)  I didn't used to be a lace girl either but I love Hanky Panky's...try working out with won't even feel them!
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  • I just had to reply...I love my hanky pankys too but there is now something I like even better.  Zovo at UVillage has come out with their own version called "Zen" and it comes in S/M and M/L and has some nude lining and is really even better than the hanky pankies for comfort, etc.  And last time I was in, there spring colors were on sale for $5 a pair from the regular price of $18 to make room for new ones.
  • Oh no I see a trip to U Village in the future!!!
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