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Did I lose my job?

I've been working as a part time nanny for a family in the neighborhood. I started the job in April with the agreement that I'd work two days a week, 8 hours a day.  It has slowly been cutting back to once a week but they just keep saying that their schedules are crazy etc.

Their DD's 1st birthday was this past week and I hadn't had a chance to get over her little gift.  I just got home and saw she was in the park (usually with her grandma, who I adore) so I grabbed her gift and went down.  As I'm walking down, she and apparently her "Nanny" are walking up the street.  I'm standing there looking like a boob while I'm trying to process what is happening.  I was shocked and just introduced myself and asked if she'd mind taking this home with them because I hadn't had a chance etc.  She introduced herself as the little girl's nanny.   

Now I'm putting pieces together like the 8 days I'm supposed to work in June are now down to 3...DH says that maybe they just have this girl there when both parents are home (they are home a lot) and I go when they are working out of the house...who knows but let me tell you that is a stinky way to find out, whatever it is I just found out.

Anyone need a part time nanny on Snoqualmie Ridge?  I should post that on the baby board I know but I just want to vent right now.  Thanks.

Re: Did I lose my job?

  • That's really weird.  I think I would ask the parents about it and see what's up...
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  • That is odd.. if they are going another direction it is rude of them not to tell you. I would definitely ask them about it.
  • Wow - that's weird - how old is the kid and is the mom really attached like she can't let go?

    We have a nanny two days a week and a contract with her assuring her work PLUS if we cancel last minute she still gets paid.  SO we don't yank her around

    Maybe you should ask for a contract?

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  • Yeah it's funny you mention that because I've been a full time nanny for 8 years now and this is the first time I didn't get a contract.  That'll teach me.  Will be interesting to see what they say if / when they thank me for her little birthday gift.
  • Wow that is really weird, I'm surprised that they would be so odd about that.
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