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Why I suck at being a girl by Jeana

1)  Because my hair cut/color/style took 2 hours.  And I'm irritated by that.

2)  I had to sit in that damn chair long enough that my ass fell asleep.  I was so antsy.  My stylist seemed to grow impatient with me and would push my head down rather sharply when she needed to cut at the back.  I would smile.

3)  I have to buy a round brush.  And I'd rather not.

4)  I asked her, "What's the longest I can go without a trim or touch up and it still look decent".

5)  I only pick hairstyles that I can go from wet to finished in 20 mintues OR LESS (less is prefered).

Re: Why I suck at being a girl by Jeana

  • 1.  I would be irritated as well

    2. Yuck - and if someone did that to me I would be upset

    3.  Those get stuck in my hair and I am scared of them

    4.  That is funny

    5.  Like you have a lot of time with those two little girls to take care of..

  • 1.  Mine takes that long too, and depending on my mood and whether or not my stylist is chatty or not, sometimes I get irritated too

    2.  That would annoy me too.

    3.  I did the round brush thing for a while.  You can live without it.  You figure it out, I promise

    4.  Sometimes I go so long between cut/color that my stylist pretends to forget my name. 

    5.  I don't even have kids, and I demand styles that take about that time as well. 

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