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is it taboo to take a kid in a taxi?

just wondering.

because if there is ever a baby n me gtg at a place which would be out of stroller limits for me and this not-realized-and-unsure-if-it-ever-will be L'il Sip, how would I get there?  Can i take a kid on a bus? the EL?

or maybe Ten Stone would have to start doing the same for me. And eSynergy.


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Re: is it taboo to take a kid in a taxi?

  • I guess not if you use a car seat?
  • I feel like people have to hold their kids on their laps in taxis, right? 
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  • If it's a child that still rides in a stroller, you just use their carseat with the stroller option thingie.
    You can totally use a carseat in a taxi.
     If the child is bigger than that, strap them into the back seat next to you or on your lap.
    Children ride septa ALL THE TIME.  They just sit on their parent's lap. 
  • For a taxi- just bring the carseat that clicks into the stroller. They have a feature to use the carseat without the base. You just put the seatbelt over it in the slots.

    Septa-You would jsut fold up the stroller and put the baby on your lap or the carseat(if you have it) next to you on another seat.(preferrably the inside seat) Same goes for the El

  • Good god, I'd have to lug a carseat around for a cab ride from say Rittenhouse to Old City?  Why don't i see people carrying car seats around NYC?
    Baby Numbers 11.8.10 The Sequel on or around 10.13.12
  • I see babies in taxis a lot....I also see them on the bus almost every day. It looks like SUCH a pain to take a stroller on the bus, though. When/if I have kids, I'll him/her to the front of my body. That seems to be the easiest way to do it!

    Rum, you could also do PhillycarShare to get to un-walkable places! (and put your carseat in it).

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  • by the time L'il Sip comes, if ever, they might have a monorail or totally have invented hyperspace (remember that from Asteroids ?)
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  • You don't see people "lugging" car seats around, because they are using it in their stroller when they need to take a taxi.

  • People do it all the time.  They attach it to the stroller and when they hail the cab just strap the carseat into the cab.


    I'm a suburbanite and even I know how it's done.  People DO have babies in cities every's not that big of a pain. 

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  • I just wanted to say that I love Ten Stone. Their brie and blue cheese fondue is killer.
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  • If there is ever a li'l sipper, I will come and personally chauffeur you around the city! Automobile
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  • You can take kids on any public transportation..  I have seen plenty of people take kids on taxis w/o the car seat.

     Harry and I like to wander center city, I strap him to my back and walk around, he is fine on the bus and the subway.  My 6year old and I stayed in Manhatten for 4 months when he was 3, he LOVED the subway.

     Once you get the hang of it... kids are very portable.

  • Actually I'm gonna call bullshit on the whole car seat/stroller combo, given the high number of bugaboos I see wandering the streets.  You can't do that with one of those.

    I've never seen someone locking in a car seat to a taxi.  I have seen plenty of people holiding junior on their lap. 

    Baby Numbers 11.8.10 The Sequel on or around 10.13.12
  • i had always hear that parents take their car seats to a dealer or the police station for securing them in the best and safest way.  so, that says to me that people don't bring kids in taxis?

    what do I know.

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  • I would never take Ben in a taxi w/o being in a car seat...but that's just me.  At least not until he got to be big enough to strap in with the seat belt.  Every taxi I've ever been in, those guys drive like maniacs.
  • Bugaboos DO have a carseat conversion kit and even if a carseat is not secure in a taxi it is FAR safer for Jr. to be strapped in his carseat than just sitting on your lap.

    I live in CC and I see women taking carseats out of cabs.

    Even if some people don't use them, it is no safer than riding around in the back of your own car without using one.

    I wouldn't take my baby in a cab without one (obviously this excludes some sort of emergency situation.)


  • not taboo. i see kids on busses and subways all the time too. its how you get to point a from b when you dont have a car.
  • the only taboo thing I have ever seen on a bus involving a baby was a women who gave her kid grape kool aid in a bottle and when the kid yacked it up the women held the kid towards another rider not herself!
  • I'd never (if at all avoidable) put DS in a cab without a carseat.  We have taken buses and subways just fine though.
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