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~!~!~HAPPY FRIDAY!~!~!~

Happy Friday everyone! Party!!!

 Yay for the weekend! Anyone have any fun plans?

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Re: ~!~!~HAPPY FRIDAY!~!~!~

  • I am running out of time to finish my grading, so I am spending this weekend WORKING! Yay!

    Just 2 more weeks and I'll be done...I just need to plow through.

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  • I need to do all of my homework for next week. This break went by way to fast
  • I've got swell brunch plans and a church picnic. I will be participating in tug of war and relay races in my Sunday best.
  • Brother's Wedding extravaganza.

     Friday: Get all my work shit done, pack up all my clothes for the weekend, all the hair and make up shit, take inventory so I can go buy what I need, get nails done, rehearsal at 5, rehearsal dinner I'm hoping throw, sleep.

     Saturday: 6:30 AM start time. Do hair and make up for everyone. Attempt to make myself presentable after sweating over 400 degree curling irons all day, stuff myself in a bridesmaid dress that makes me look like a sausage. Wedding. Diviest Dive Bar after to drown my pity party sorrows.

    Sunday: Same Bro's birthday party/gift opening shit. Go home and sleep the rest of the day.



  • I'm stoked that SHIT isn't censored. Shit, Shit, Shit.
  • shit shit shit! ?whee!


    fun brunch tomorrow, and then nothing else till sunday night, when it's dinner for MIL's birthday.


    i love lazy weekends.


    shit shit shit :)?

    [the bliz-og]
  • Shit! I have a ton of shit planned! Mostly I'll be taking a shitty 4 hour drive but will end up in the not shitty at all town of lovely Las Vegas! Should be really fabulous with not too much shit going down.
  • Tonight I have hubs little sisters choir performance. Should be cute.

    Tomorrow: Run in the morning, then hubs and I are just gonna hang out together and think of something to do. We might just end up staying in and cleaning. LOL it looks like a bomb hit our tiny condo and we're due for a team effort on that shit.


    Sunday: GOing to go cheer on a friend at SD Marathon. Should be fun. ?



  • Tonight: dinner with sister.

    tomorrow: watching SIL's Boyfriend play in a baseball tournament and dinner with IL family.

    Sunday: church and couple's shower

  • I started coming down with something yesterday so I'm trying my best to shake it, otherwise its the guest room for me.

    Tomorrow will be my crazy day but the rest of the weekend should be quiet. We'll be going to go b-pics outfit shopping with my friend, go see Candi in Brea for her veil, see SATC, and then go drop in together on a friend's graduation party.

  • I'm lame.  I have nothing planned.  MH is trying to pimp me out to all the women he meets so I'll like it down here.  It's sad.  I'm supposed to meet up with a coworker of his on Sat. that is also from MN, so we'll see.  Other than that...still unpacking (I'm slow) and getting settled in.  Indifferent
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