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Topic of the day-Friday


Re: Topic of the day-Friday

  • Luckily DH grew up in Vegas and got all that stuff out of his system before I ever met him.  I've been to strip clubs with him and saw that the girls really aren't that hot. 

    If he wanted to go with friends, I wouldn't really be opposed (I can say this because he has said that the girls that work at the clubs here are eewie when compared to the girls at a place like Cheetah's) as I know it would be really rare for him to go.

    As far as private parties go.  I draw the line there.  I heard this one story about two girls using their hands on each other, then one of them flicked her finger at a guy.  Let's just say something landed in his eye.  Yuck!  If the girls are doing anything other than dancing, I would say they are walking a fine line with prostitution.

  • I don't mind either way- however, I'm not really into objectification of women. But if he wants to look at boobies, I don't care. One of the many reasons why I married him is because I trust him. And honestly, he's not really into strippers (he says so anyway).?

  • image ?SUM?:

    it always cracks me up that some of the hotter girls that work there can not dance and than the ugly ones can really shake their a$$. It's quite comical I must say!!!

    See, and if I'm tagging along, I go for the ones who can 'really shake their_ass!'  None of this boring, laying on the stage crap.   I'm coming for entertainment, so ENTERTAIN! 

  • I would not like it at all . My SIL hired a stripper for my BIL's birthday and DH and I went to the party.  I was okay with it, because I was there....but I turned to him and I was like, "FYI, I would NEVER hire stripper for you."
  • A bunch of Dh's friends/ roomies in college used to get Naughty Niki to come "perform" once a year. I was there the first time... I never want to see that again.

    I thought one of his friends told me she had passed away btw...

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  • I remember being 17 and not wanting Ken to go to Shakers when he was 18!  Bwahahahaha!

    Now I could give twoshitsless.  Go see strippers!  have a fab time!  I'll go out with my girlfriends! :)

  • No and No... He has what he wants at home...and thats all he needs :)
  • image copaceticcrack:

    image ?SUM?:

    it always cracks me up that some of the hotter girls that work there can not dance and than the ugly ones can really shake their a$$. It's quite comical I must say!!!

    See, and if I'm tagging along, I go for the ones who can 'really shake their_ass!'? None of this boring, laying on the stage crap. ? I'm coming for entertainment, so ENTERTAIN!?

    EXACTLY!!!! Wink
    Married 5/14/07 Momma to two amazing boys 6/20/08 & 11/20/09
  • Dh doesnt go to strip clubs....which is a good thing in my eyes,

    But he does attend bachelor parties ALL THE TIME that have strippers there.  And those gals can be 1000000 times worse then the girls in the clubs.  But it doesnt really bother me, I know he totally isnt into nasty girls...he sees enough of them at work!  But that doesnt mean I dont give him a ton of crap when he gets home from the bachelor parties!


    I feel so Blessed!!!

    Here comes baby #3!!

  • I wouldnt mind if dh went to the strip club with his buddies - as long as it was a special occasion, no more than a few times a year thing. I know that he wouldnt go home with them - but hey, give the girl a few dollars and send her to the next guy. In fact, I went with dh and his friends and some of mine, and we laughed our butts off.

    But, I dont like the whole private party thing. I know some friends who had private strippers at their bach parties, and one guy went home with hot wax melted into his down there. If my dh comes home smelling like cotton candy and stories of strippers and toys emerges, I have issues. I work with all guys, and I have heard their stories -- the girl who asked someone to pull the rope out of her hole with their teeth, hot wax, floor humping, ect. Yuck. At least at strip clubs, maybe a lapdance, but no boomboom room.

  • Oh, and I give the girls big props if they can work the pole - I'm talking gymnastic abilities - skills.
  • I agree with most of the people on here. The strip clubs are okay... although the Playhouse can be a little sketchy.

    The private party I don't agree with. My DH best friend had his bachelor party in someone ones basement and I got all bent out of shape when I heard things moved to the hot tub. UM NO. Not appropriate.  

  • njh514njh514 member

    image OxAMYxO:
    Even if he was using toys on them, like I talked about in a previous post?  HUH?? HUHHHHH???? :)

    There is no way Kelly would be comfortable with that. He barely talks to people he doesn't know, let alone stick some toy in their cnut or even get close to it. I think I'd find it comical to be a fly on the wall if he were put in that situation. He'd probably die of embarrassment. I know him well enough to feel like I don't need to worry about this too much.

    He doesn't go to bachelor parties and such so this situation hasn't come up, but if he were out and came home to have sex with me I wouldn't mind it. I can see how some people would be bothered at the thought of their husband thinking of another woman, but from what I've heard people say, strippers aren't usually attractive. That's just me. I try not to get too worked up about anything.

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  • Oh, Naughty Nikki -- love it. ?That's who my DH's BM hired for DH's bachelor party -- NIIIIIICE! ?Honestly, it doesn't bother me. ?He doesn't go to the clubs on his own just for the hell of it. ?He goes if it's a bachelor party. ?His friends have all had strippers at their bachelor parties, and my DH just doesn't care....he doesn't pay any attention. ?So, I don't care that much. ?I guess if he "liked" it more, I would probably have more of a problem. ?He says that it "doesn't do anything for him" -- yea, I guess that's when he knows who he comes home to! ?:)


    I WOULD NOT allow a stripper in my home, though, at all!

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