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** Rum s'il te plait **

I'm working up costs to see if I can turn my dream of going to Paris to reality.  I believe you're the resident expert.  I need advice on hotels. 

Can you recommend a neighborhood in or very accessible to Paris or even a specific hotel that wouldn't break the budget?  I believe I'd rent a car one day but would like to rely on public transit for the rest, which I think is possible (note: totally clueless here).

Also, I'm finding all airlines are priced the same for non-stop travel (US Airways, Delta, Air France, etc.) but if you have any tips there I'd appreciate it. 


Re: ** Rum s'il te plait **

  • katieg -

    i am no expert on anything, but we went there last summer as part of our hm.

    we stayed in the latin quarter and walked to everything. hotel la familia is where we stayed. close to notre dame. 

    it was 109 euros a night w/ breakfast - which we never woke up in time for! it was a clean and charming hotel in a quaint part of town.

    If i had more $$ to do it again, i would stay closer to the river - that is where the action is.

    we took the train from the airport into and out of town - but otherwise just walked and walked. we walked so much mr sd had to buy new sneakers!  

    i loved paris - and wished we had more time there. it was an amazing 3 nights!  


  • SD - i forget you went last year.  Thanks so much!  This is a huge help. 
  • I am soooo not the expert! Its been a million yrs (1990) since I lived there - I was back twice since then but am not hip to anything worth while.

    The latin quarter is prob a good place to stay - near to many good metro lines.  and as SD said - walk walk walk - or take buses!  they are SO easy! and benefit is that you are above ground (duh) so you can see places that you job wouldn't see underground.

    Anyway - def you want to be in the 1st - 6th or 7th arondissements - the neighborhoods close to the center of town.

    when it comes time for your trip - and if you have , say, a day or two, to tack on the end, the Chateau region is amazing.

     do not miss the Picasso museum (in the section of town called Le Marais)

    do not skip a crepe jambon fromage from any crepe dude on the street.

    do not stay near mont Martre.

    Staying nearish the Eiffel Tower isn't tooo'd have too far to walk to get to the center of the town. its doable but you don't want to do it all the time.

     keep me posted - i might be able to send out some feelers for recommendations from pals nearby....a BFF lives in Lyon but has close friendships with some real live parisiens.


    [IMG][/IMG] Hi Francey!
  • exactly what I needed to know, thanks so much!  We're walkers/explorers so walking-bussing-metro-ing is great.  But I do want to take one day to explore the countryside, TBD in which direction, which is why I mentioned the car.  I'll reach out again if this trip actually happens.  Thanks!
  • adding on:

    the eiffel tower is set in this big park (think central park w/ a tower in the middle). and like central park neat apartments line it. but not too many restaurants. it was thrilling to walk through the park and then BAM! there is the giant icon!

    the can can neighborhood (mulan rouge) is in a big smut district. we walked to it and saw a lot of hookers and it felt odd.

    so dont stay near there.

    the pompido (i cant spell english words - so please forgive) - is really neat to see from the outside. but it is VERY modern and out of place in such an old city. the 'grounds' around it are also modern. it is an urban square - no trees or grass or fountains. just concrete and benches and metal work. it is odd.

    walk the lourve. the grounds are lovely. we didnt go inside it. we also didnt climb the tower. or ride a boat on the river.

    we were lucky to catch a mass at Notre Dame. French Choir + gothic building = chills!

    The island right next to notre dame is were Johny depp lives and is quaint.

    There is also a WWII jewish memorial behind notre dame that is really chilling. its modern and harsh and makes you sad and feel quiet.

    one night we bought a bottle of wine, some cheese, and sat on a bridge till the wee hours; met a french student named nicholas who took us to a bar, it closed, and then we ate croque monseir sandwichs until dawn, he kissed our cheeks goodbye, we gave him a gangster hug, and we went our separate ways. the next day we were awakened by a small parade down our street.

    its the little things that make a trip.

  • copying and pasting into email.  Thanks!  I hope this pans out.
  • I differ from SD - I liked the Pompidou center in all its modernity!  its in Les Halles - shopping center, touristy restaurants but fun.

     the Moulin Rouge area is Mont Martre, so we're both right on that one

     I don't like the Louvre - i said it.  too much renaissance and cherubs

    I did go to the Musee D'Orsay 4 times in 9 months.


    [IMG][/IMG] Hi Francey!
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