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Pity party for one, right here

I think I'm in a funk. Our last set of close (couple) friends has split up and moved away, and we officially have no friends. Nada. Zilch. None. They've all moved away, moved on, or refused to grow up. And it's really getting to me. DH and I spend almost all of our free time together, and I think some alone/friend time would do us some good.

The other problem: How in the world do you even meet other couples? We don't belong to a church. We aren't into the bar scene - we'd rather stay home and watch a movie or go to the dog park.

I don't know. I'm just bummed at our new friendless status. Someone call the waaaaaaaambulance.


Re: Pity party for one, right here

  • Awww hun!  I am right there with you, all my friends except one are not married and live no where near me.  The one friend that is married lives 2 hours away.  You have lots of friends though, we are right here :)  I think that a G2G would make you feel better!  It would get you out of the house and have a girls night :)
  • Do you live in a neighborhood with couples similar to your age? Are you athletic? (or willing to try to be?) Maybe you could organize a block party or join a summer volleyball (or softball or anything) league.

    I agree that it's hard to meet other couples in the 20/30's age range. I know there is an actual 20/30 club that meets once a month. A couple of our friends founded it, and it's been a success, but we never go. (oops!)  

    Nobody said life would be easy. Just that it would be worth it.

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  • I am the same way. Our couple friends live in Washington, Missouri, Georgia, and Kansas so we don't exactly hang out anymore. The friends we have around here are either into the bar scene, which we are not, or have refused to grow up so we don't have much in common anymore. Its hard to meet couples. DH is pretty content because he has work friends. I am at home now which I love but that means no adult daytime interaction for me. When I worked, my coworkers were great people, but 90% of them were older than my parents. Hopefully I will have a job soon so that dynamic will change a bit. ::::sigh:::: What's a girl to do?
  • All of our couple friends live back up where we used to live in Mason City. Down here, we have friends at work, but after spending 50 hours a week with them, it would be nice to have others to socialize with. In the town we live in, there are several couples around our age, but they all have at least 3 kids, so that puts us out of the mix.
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  • You guys are making me sad! I think a GTG is in is almost June! I really enjoyed the one back on Leap Day (gosh--that was a long time ago!!)-it was a nice group that came and I enjoyed talking to everyone!
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  • I'm sorry :(

    We've become good friends with a girl DH works with and her husband.  I have one friend from HS that I'm still close with and we hang out with her and her husband once in a blue moon.  Other than that, we don't have many couple friends. 

    I'll be your friend :-)


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  • By the way, we lay pretty low too.  We're happy going for a walk, watching movies at home, playing games, etc.

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  • Ha! I feel so pathetic. If anyone's ever bored on the weekend and wants to veg out, let me know ;)
  • I completely understand!  We don't really have any friends in the area since we are from WI and we have found that it is so hard to meet friends after college (especially when you are in the "in-between" stage of being married, but not having kids yet).  DH and I aren't into the bar scene either.  We do try to get out of the house frequently (dinner and a movie, going to the gym, etc.), but it would be nice for him to have a group of guy friends to do guy stuff and play video games and for me to have some friends to do girl stuff!
  • DH and I were just having this conversation.  We were pretty bummed over memorial weekend because we basically had our first completely free weekend (I work every weekend) since last summer, but we couldn't find anyone to hang out with.  :(  So you're not alone.  It looks like we can all pity party with you!    
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