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Can I join you ladies?

Hi all.  I'm Laura.  I'm 26, married and out of shape.  :(  I've been trying for several months to get back to working out, and I consistently make it to the gym 3x a week, I try for 4.  It doesnt always work out.  My diet is a mess.  I need some help, and motivation.

My exercise consists of about 20 minutes of weights.  Usually about 4 exersises per upper or lower body, whichever I'm doing that day.  I also do 30 minutes of cardio.  My ab routein needs help.  I'm lazy about it. 

As for diet, in the morning I'll either have scrambled eggs and turkey sausage, or a bowl of cereal.  For lunch I'll have a sandwich or leftovers from dinner.  Once a week I go out with my girlfriends.  This is non negotiable for me, it's the only time I ever see them.  For a snack I'll eat a fiber one bar.  For dinner I usually have a piece of grilled chicken, a veggie and sometimes packaged rice or potatoes.  I need to cut out pasta, but it's my second love in life.  I've been trying to give up a lot of red meet which is huge for me.  I use a lot of chicken and ground turkey.  So.  Any suggestions for me?

Re: Can I join you ladies?

  • Eat more fruit and veggies. Have fruit as a snack. Eat veggies at lunch.

    Use whole wheat pasta and watch your portion size. Try different brands until you find one you like - they're not all the same. Some are much more like white pasta than others.

    Cut out (or way back) on calories from drinks, if that applies to you.

    Check out to track food.

  • Welcome!  These ladies are great and will give fantastic advice.  I'm just starting out myself, so I'll let them dole out the goods. Smile

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  • I'd suggest counting calories for a while to see how much you're eating. None of the foods you mentioned are necessarily terrible for your health, but if you're trying to lose weight portion control is critical.

    And tons of people lose weight while still eating pasta. 

  • Hi, and welcome.  We're all in this together. You'll find support here.

    I would suggest stepping up your cardio changing up your weight routine, as it sounds as if you may be been doing the same thing for a while.  Diet will all be about portion and calorie control for you.  Stick with it!

  • In answer to your subject, "of course you can join us!!"

    I agree with the previous ladies, your diet doesn't sound too bad, but portion control is key. Add in more fruits, veggies and dairy. Fresh produce if possible:) GL and ask questions as you progress!

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  • Welcome!  Here's my advice:  Work out more.  On days I work out, I eat better.  I guess I feel like I don't want to negate all that hard work. Also stop eating the packaged rice and potatoes.  Use brown rice, and don't eat a huge amount of it.  Up your veggies.  People on here have a lot of great ideas and since it is all different types of people sharing what works for them, you're bound to find something that matches up with you.
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