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Prams (UK/EU Moms)

So we went to Mamas&Papas last night because they have a sale on until Sunday and Colin thinks we should get this pram, Skate:


It's all multi-purpose, comes with everything but a car seat and our friend's have one for their 5 month old.  It's also on sale for ?399.

Here's the thing.  Neither of us know ANYTHING about any of this except we want something that is all-in-one and travel friendly.

Does anyone know anything about this pram or where to find reviews?

What pram would you recommend and if you don't mind how much was it?

Also, how long can you use it?  I know it says 15kg but that means nothing to me.

THANK YOU! I know this is long, but I'm inept at this and need all the help I can get Smile

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it's called a kilt, he's scottish

Re: Prams (UK/EU Moms)

  • Okay maybe I should just edit this down, because wow that's long!

    What pram would you recommend and why?

    TIA Smile


    ?Transatlantic Blonde?
    it's called a kilt, he's scottish
  • I seriously love prams. I'm very sad, but it's my mommy 'gadget'.

    I'm not sure about hte Skate. I think it's very heavy? But it's been a long time. We looked at it, but couldn't afford it. My thoughts on that are the storage area seems a bit odd (and not very useful - unless they sell an add on that makes it more basket-like?), and it may not be travel friendly (though that depends on what you mean?)

    We bought the Britax Vigour 4. You can get a carry cot to go with it (we did) for hte first 6 months, and then use it as a pushchair, both forward and rear facing. I think it's somethwere mid-250s now, but not sure if it includes a carry cot? I know a friend with the Mothercare one that looks sort of like this, and that seems pretty similar - but with the added benefit that you don't need a separate carry cot. Just for reference, as well, I know lots of people who have mor traditional prams as well - M&P pramettes, and the big heavy metal framed ones. No one is using them now at 12+ months.

    But, honestly, if I were to do it again, I'd have eschewed my first-time-mum thing where I wanted it all shiny and new, and get a Bug Chameleon second-hand on ebay. We couldn't have afforded one new, and I wavered, and ended up with the Vigour - which has served us very well up til now. But I'd have loved a Bug, and I think the weight thing would have swung it in my favour.

    Things that were important to us: rear facing (we used up until 12 months, and I still would now if it weren't for a pesky puncture DH is trying to fix - and if I hadn't got used to using our much lighter Maclaren...), lightweight enough for me to manouever easily, good storage basket. Things that I've since come to appreciate as well: good suspension (either pneumatic tires or really good suspension), not being too big (this is a pain in shops and may be a prob with the Skate?), and the potential for a travel ssystem - i.e. using a car seat with it.

    W is 13months, 75% in weight, and 11+ kg. They slow down a lot at this stage apparenlty, and on his growth curve is projected to hit 15kg around 2.5years. So 15kg is pretty normal and pretty safe.

    Another thing ot htink about is where you live - will you still be in a flat? Will you ahve to get up and down stairs? (I did for 9 months and having to get W in and out and it upstairs, etc was SUCH a pain...) Will you walk or drive?

    Sorry - this is a book!

    Oh, and for reviews: Mumsnet I think?

    Mum to W (4) and M (nearly 2)
  • I will start by saying that I am not pram savvy, we bought ours because it was recommended by a friend. We went to a shop, checked it out and liked it, ordered it and a few weeks later it was there. We have a Quinny Speedi, it comes with a carrycot and a pushchair seat and the Maxi Cosi car seat clips on. I don't remember exactly, but it was somewhere between 500-600Euro. We were happy with it and used it until Una was about 20months because she could sleep in it. Now we rarely use the pram anymore (she is 24months) and if we do we have a Quinny Zapp which is mostly meant for travelling supposed to be very light, ultracompact bla, bla but the downside is that it doesn't recline and there is no storage space.

    Good luck!

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  • Thank you, the more opinions the better :)  I'm so out of my  element here.
    ?Transatlantic Blonde?
    it's called a kilt, he's scottish
  • The book by PP is awesome. Great advice! Yes

    I only add try to imagine how you will use it, and who else will use it besides you. I bused/drove occasionally, but usually walked everywhere. And in my area there were horrible sidewalks if there even was one, lots of mud, and most of the shops were teeny tiny mom and pop things that were too narrow for most prams (don't get me started on being too narrow for wheel chair access, that's a whole different issue). No one else ever took her out, including the dad, so I just had to only consider me myself and I.

    I gave up and never used a pram. At a few months I had a front pack. At a bit older I had a wire frame back pack. At about 16 months she walked everywhere on her own anyway so I didn't need anything but good child shoes.

    I did have one of those umbrella fold things. I never put HER in it, I used it for carrying my diaper bag/groceries, etc. It folded easier than one of those old lady shopping baskets and I felt less dorky with a stroller than an old lady basket.

    A friend of mine had this awesome high tec does it all pram system. her parent's couldn't remember how it worked and just did what looked kind of sort of correct. On a walk the baby in the car seat came tumbling out after a sudden stop on an incline. Luckily, the baby was only a bit scared and not hurt. Still, that freaked me out. If it is complicated or involves many steps to work it, make sure everyone in your circle CAN work it.

  • That one doesn't sound bad at all, it would probably meet most of your needs.  In my opinion, the downsides would be:

    1- You might really like to have the "travel system" type, where you can attach the infant car seat.  We did NOT have that and I regretted it, there are times when you're out and the babe is asleep and you have to wake him/her up to transfer from pram to car seat of vice versa - thats kind of lame and it would be easier/quicker to just pop the carseat out of the pram and snap it in to the car.  All that said, if you don't drive much maybe this is a non-issue.

    2- Seems like you'd want something that can hold more than 15 Kg.  Jane is nearly 2 and she's about 12.5-13 kg.  I guess every kid is going to be different (how good of a walker they are), but I envision we will still use our pram when Jane is well over 15 kg - she's a good walker, but we're in the city so there are lots of time when I need her contained b/c there are so many ppl and cars.

    3- Does it have much for storage space in the bottom?  I use THE HECK out the basket under my pram - I would be at a loss w/o it. 

    Anyhow, those are the things that popped into my head.  I do think that looks like a nice pram though, looks very nice and light and versitile, like it maneuvers easily, etc. 

  • We went and looked at the Skate at one point before we moved because I was curious. I remember Expat had really wanted one and her talking about it on here is what got me to go see it.

    Frankly, I thought it was really heavy and the way it adjusted was a bit finicky, though that may have been down to the floor model and not the pram overall. Also, unless they have the new basket on it that mesh thing that you clip things onto would NOT have worked in reality. 

    I have a Cameleon that we NEVER use anymore. I am seriously debating selling it. But we don't know how close in age our kids will be yet and if we don't need a double buggy then we could reuse this so I am holding onto it for now. I don't know if its a wise decision or not. I think I will probably sell it soon but I just have to wrap my head around that first.

    Things I liked about it: It's pretty, there's no denying it. It had a carrycot which was useful. Bruce actually slept in it next to our bed for the first few weeks, handy in apartment living where you don't have much space. The wheels really are amazing and can go over anything. Could be forward or rear facing. Storage basket was surprisingly huge. You could cram a LOT of stuff in there. Bruce was always very comfortable in it.

    Things I don't like about it: You can't adjust the height (the one feature of the Skate that I did really like). It is a pain in the arse to fold. I don't care how long you use it or how many times, it might get easier but its still a pain in the arse. I know its leight weight compared to other similar prams but I still found it heavy. In apartment living it took up a lot of space in our hallway so unless you have a communal spot in your building for prams think about that. Or you'll have to keep it in your car which is a big pain in the butt because you have to get baby out to car somehow, then put it together, then put baby in it. Not great. The accessories cost an arm and a leg. And once you graduate to the proper chair for older babies I don't like that their legs can never go flat. If you tilt the seat back to sleep their legs are up in the air, so we mostly only ever went halfway back.

    If I could do it again I'd look into something cheaper that took a carseat and could be used through infancy and into toddler-hood. Perhaps the top of the range Maclaren. I also really like the City-Mini but its not in the UK I suspect. In the UK I always liked the Apple iCandy but I think its probably just as expensive as the Bug if I remember correctly. I really wanted their double pram if I had another baby in the UK. I had a friend who had a huge Mamas and Papas contraption and she loved it. It could also go rear or forward facing. I'll try to find the link for it if they still make it. 

    eta: I totally lied. I went to the John Lewis website, because I really love shopping for prams, and realized she had the Silver Cross 3D Pram System. It took seeing it to remember that it wasn't the M&P one after all...

    eta again: John Lewis DOES have the Baby Jogger City Mini. And its under ?200... not bad. We almost got my sister this for her new little boy. This is the coolest folding buggy I have EVER seen. There is a cloth handle (literally just a flat strap of the same material you'd have the wrist thing made out of on most buggies) at the base of the seat between the back and the bottom and you just grasp it and lift and the sucker folds in half. It's awesome.

  • I love Hamilton but I am going to disagree :) I love, love, love our Cameleon, and still use it all the time! We also have a Maclaren for travel, but use the Bugaboo all the time. It was worth every cent. We have the adaptors to use it with a carseat, and I loved the bassinet feature, especially since we walked everywhere for the first 8 months (we switched to the seat earlier than that). I think the folding takes 5 seconds now, it is so fast, and it just doesn't bother me. I would so much rather have a nice, sturdy, easy to push stroller than one that is unweildy. I find folding the Maclaren a pain as well, half the time it doesn't fold easily and it folds in one piece!

    I would go and push a bunch around, and see what feels the best to you! Keep in mind if you live above the first floor and don't have a lift that you will have to carry it up and down stairs as well.

    DS 02.10.2008 * DD 04.05.2011

  • I know a friend in our mommy group who has a City Mini as her version of an umbrella. It looks fab - and that folding thing is cool. but I'm not sure about it from birth? She only got it for her DD when she was 9 months or so,but maybe you can use it with a car seat?
    Mum to W (4) and M (nearly 2)
  • Welshgirl - I seem to remember that there was a carseat bar attachment you could buy. The one my sister did end up with was like that as well.
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