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changed formula and...

it didn't go so well. My MIL couldn't find ( or didn't want to find...but that's another story) Scarlett's regular formula. ?So she bought this stuff thats for fussy babies with gas. ?Scarlett hardly ever spits up. ?Until we started her on this formula she maybe farted a lot but I could count on one hand the number of times she had spit up. ?Since this stuff she has spit up at least three times a day and at least once a day she screams in agony over gas pains. ?She won't let anyone but me touch her and she only seems content if I am burping her. ? I have switched her back today and she seems a little better today. ?I am torn between feeling bad because my baby is hurting, anger because my MIL wouldn't take the empty can with her to the store so she could find the right stuff and ended up panicking because she couldn't remember the right stuff, guilt because I said the other stuff was fine and finding the whole scenario kinda funny. ?I mean it would only happen to me that my child would get bad gas and be more fussy on formula that is supposed to help kids that are fussy because they have gas.

No real point to this. ?Just kinda venting a bit. ??


Re: changed formula and...

  • I'm just curios which formula it was that caused her gassiness and spit ups? 
  • Enfamil Gentlease A+ for babies with Fussiness or Gas
  • That's interesting b/c Lexi has has spit up and gassiness problems ever since she was 2 weeks old.  She is now on Similac Sensitive and it has worked wonders for her.  Since Enfamil gentalease was on sale last weekend I picked some up too and Lexi had the worst 2 days ever.  I switched her back to her regular formula and she is back to normal as of yesterday.  It's funny that they both had the same reaction to that particular formula.
  • That's so weird. ?Scarlett usually has Enfamil A+ because it's good for babies that breastfeed as well (according to the pharmacist) I figured it wouldn't be too big a switch. ?But the screams halfway through a bottle made me think..nope switching back. ?
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