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Chemical free drain cleaner?

Hi! I've seen some posts about this before but I scrolled back and didn't see anything specific. Is it boiling water and baking soda?


Re: Chemical free drain cleaner?

  • You can try boiling water or also vinegar and baking soda (it bubbles up and clears the drain).  HTH!
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  • Is it a bathtub or sink drain? It's probably clogged by hair. Pickup a Zip It at the hardware store. It'a  flexible thin piece of plastic with barbs on it to grab & pull out the hair. They're less than $5. Walmart & Target might carry them too.




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  • If you are talking about a sink, where the pipes are under the cabinet where you can get to them, the most effective thing to do is to remove the "u-bend" and clean it out.   It will look something like this....


    Just put a bucket or bowl underneath, unscrew it, clean it out (I recommend doing it outside with the garden's pretty nasty), and screw it back on.    

  • I pour some baking soda down the drain and chase it with vinegar.  Let it sit for a bit and then pour boiling water down to rinse and it clears it all up.
  • Thanks everyone! I should have been more specific... our tub drain has been really slow. I think the suggestion from crashinto.. (sorry! forgot your name) is the one I was looking for.
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