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Best baby item purchase you have made?

I would be a basketcase curled up in the corner without the bouncy seat. ?I don't think I would ever get a second to myself if I couldn't bounce the baby to sleep for her naps. ??

I don't know what I'll do when she grows out of it. ?Don't get me wrong she loves the bumbo to watch the action and be in the room when I am cooking. ?But the bouncy is what saves me for a couple hours everyday.?



Re: Best baby item purchase you have made?

  • I wish Ruari would still go in the bouncy.  I remember when I could shower when she was, no longer.  I loved my swing too...I just wish they made it in my size =)

    Right now it's my baby they save my life =) 

  • The fisher price swing.  Both DC have loved it so far.
  • Our swing was passed down from my sister - it was a lifesaver for about 4 months. Also, the swaddle me wraps and sound machine - absolute genius. They helped extend DD sleep to 4 hours stretches at a time when she was waking up every 1.5 hours.
  • This week I would say it's the Twilight Turtle nightlight. It's made such a huge difference at bedtime.

    So many things have helped tremednously along the way though.

    Cara, married 05.14.05 Leyla Marie, born 01.11.07 Lilypie Pregnancy tickers
  • Sleep Sheep. Naps went from 20 minutes to about an hour or more

    Yes, that bouncy was a lifesaver. I could mouthkiss my SIL for giving me hers (and yes Sammy they outgrow having to nap in there - I swear Dani lived in hers for months 2-4 or so).

  • image MikeysNattie:

    Sleep Sheep. Naps went from 20 minutes to about an hour or more

    So it was worth the purchase? I meant to ask you about that and totally forgot!

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