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Safety First! Post your tips here

Seems like a lot of us want to try to practice safer Nest.  I thought it would be helpful if we used our collective genius for good by posting tips here.  Here's one I realized after googling my screen name from another board:

 - Don't use the same screen name for different sites (e.g., Nest, Knot, iVillage, IM, ... Match)  ;-)


Re: Safety First! Post your tips here

  • definately agree. Use a different screenname then what you use on other sites, email, etc.

    Also, posting your neighborhood info, etc probably isn't wise as people can find you pretty easy that way

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  • I have no tips since I'm all out there with my info via my blog and work. Hope no one uses it for evil ;)
  • I don't have many tips. I have the one pic of DS in my bio but I have started having siggy pics that don't have my family in them...except for the current pic but I don't think you could really get much info from that. I used to have Es full name on my ticker and I changed that. I don't see any reason for strangers to know his whole name. I had read some scary stuff about it on other boards. I have given general info about where I live but haven't been too specific. Not that many people on this board have been to my house. I am on FB but don't give too much personal info there and I don't have a blog.
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  • I have my FB set so that only my friends can view anything about me, and on here I only use first names. My blog has my first name but otherwise only initials or nicknames for everyone else I talk about. My DH and DS have pretty common names so I am not at all worried about issues with that.
  • One thing we could all do is when you page people, do it by screen name and not by real name. 

    Sometimes the SN is their real name and obviously then it becomes a moot point. But we do toss around people's real names here pretty often, and I know that I'll be paying more attention to that and avoiding it.  


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  • Use common sense.

    If you wouldn't just go up to a random stranger on the streets and disclose certain information, then don't post it where the entire world can see it.

    Get to really know someone before sharing info, and I don't mean getting to know them just online.  If they're going to be upset about you not sharing details about yourselves, they're not friends.  Friends understand and respect your privacy.

    Think twice before you do or post something.  If it's not something you're willing to share with the entire world, then don't share it at all.

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