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Poll - which wood do you like?

Dh & his Dad are building us a bed (his Dad has woodworking studio, has made SIL a lot of gorgeous furniture, and it'll be something fun for them to do together). dh has asked for my opinion on the following wood samples - WDYT? (cause dh LOVES when I go to the nest to help we make decisions - lol).

We don't have any furniture in that room yet, so we could go with any shade - our carpet is light cream as are the walls & blinds. the bed will have built in storage underneath as well as a headboard with storage, lights for reading, etc.



imageBlack Walnut


imageTasmanian Blackwood



Re: Poll - which wood do you like?

  • I just don't like black walnut (too dark) and sassafras (too light)

    hmmmm I think I'm leaning towards sapele..... or tasmanian blackwood

  • Well, I like the really pale one, but I like really pale rooms with lots of colored furnishings.

    I also like the sapele :) 

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  • I like the Tasmanian blackwood.
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  • I sent those google images of the wood to dh and he replied

    'Wow ? those are completely different to the samples I looked at. Hmmmm'

    hmmmm that definitely is NOT good

    I guess I may have to go along to the lumberyard with him to actually pick one....

  • FWIW, we have a very dark wood bed, with light carpet, and we love it.  It makes the bedroom very calm and sophisticated (IMO). 
  • Amy726Amy726 member
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    I like the Black Walnut the best, but I prefer dark wood over light.  My second choice would be the sapele.
  • I would go for sassafras. Only because I would love to say the word over and over again.

    Yeah, like it? It's sassafras. Sassafras sassafras sassafras. 

    (oh but then I also love very light wood, so it works there as well).

  • The Tasmanian Blackwood is really gorgeous.

    I was originally going to go for a lame sex joke about morning wood, but I decided against it.

  • I like black walnut and I think it would be fairly easy to find other pieces of the same wood to match.
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  • I'm normally a dark wood lover myself, so I would automatically go for the walnut.  That being said, if you are against that, I would go for either the sapele or the Tasmanian blackwood. 

    Also, I'm pretty sure those images have been varnished or treated in some way, which could account for the difference in color. 

  • I like the black walnut but if too dark, the Tasmanian blackwood is also nice.
  • I love love love walnut but if the black walnut is too dark could you get a lighter shade of it. I would have walnut floors, bed, doors etc. if I could. :) Have fun with the decorating!
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