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Budget for trip back home.

Husband and I are trying to come up with a budget for our trip home to the states in August. ?It's going to be an adventure. ?We start out in NOVA to see my parents, then we'll move down to Richmond to check in with husband's office, then we're going to the beach with husband's entire extended family (my parents are coming too). ?We are budgeting for gas and eating out. ?I think that $500 is a good budget for food at the beach for 5 days (we eat all meals in because the beach doesn't really have that many restaurants). ?Husband thinks I'm crazy and that we only need to budget about $150. ?I told him I plan on spending $100 on cupcakes alone. ?That leaves $400 food. ?Totally reasonable, right?

Re: Budget for trip back home.

  • I love the $100 on cupcakes!

    I just budgeted our weekend to the UK and when I sat down and did the math, the food budget floored me. So $100 for you 3 to eat per day is reasonable. I mean, considering the meal, drinks, AND tip.... And if you do "self cater" you are going to end up spending a ton anyway because you won't have any staples. So small size mayo, ketchup, butter, sugar, coffee, etc etc etc is going to add up quicker than eating out.

    $150 for 5 days? That's $30 for an entire family. Divided by 3 (cuz baby food isn't cheap) is $10. Tell him he can eat for $10 a day for the next 5 days- without using anything in the kitchen (like ketchup etc) and see how quickly he bumps up the budget!

  • We went for 2 weeks just 2 weeks ago, and it's insane how much money we spent. In.sane.  In the past when we've gone back, we've tried to eat at home, but quickly found that it was actually more expensive, plus, we ended up wasting a lot of things because we just couldn't eat it all.

    I'd just try to plan on eating out, honestly.

  • I don't know what it is, but I don't think lots of men realize how much food is. 

    I would budget around $350, fully expecting to eat at taco shops and having my family feed me once in awhile. Better to over budget and be conservative then run out of money!  

  • lelialelia member
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    I *think* that for my whole family (six adults and two kids) we spent about 500 dollars for the week at the beach in NC. That included a couple of seafood meals and some organic stuff like milk and cheese.
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  • If you are eating all meals in it shouldn't be that much. But if you are going out, it will be.
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