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I need a bed

DH had a "touchy" counseling session yesterday and life has been a mess since. I know this is all good and part of the process, but we might need to change this appts to a Friday, so if he decides to be off the wall all night, i don't actually have a whole week ahead of me at work.

I have a dream. A dream of the day when a week looks normal. A week when I can go to bed earlier than 1am. A week where everything is so calm that it scares myself.

I have a dream where the man I love finally feels better and we're over these issues and we can manage his condition a lot better. I have many dreams, but right about now, I just want to be dreaming in my bed...LOL

Thanks for letting me vent

Re: I need a bed

  • oh honey i am so sorry you are having to go through this. maybe when he has those sessions if you can not move them to a friday maybe work out some agreement with dh that day or night.

    YOU NEED YOUR REST MISSY!!! Some things can wait and be put off but you need to start trying to get some rest. I do not know you nighttime routine but maybe taking a hot bath and relaxing will help you.

    Who let the dawgs out? image
  • His new job is giving him Monday and Tuesday's off and it's better for him not to go to work after one of these. That's we usually schedule for those days. Friday is part of my dream Stick out tongue.

    Yes, I need to get some rest and soon. I'm barely functioning these days. With the stress, I'm overeating again, I've gained about six pounds, which I'm not happy about, but right now I have hotter pots on the stove.

     I'm hoping to get some this weekend. I promise.

    Side note: Really thanks ladies...somehow I'm feeling better about sharing all my frustrations here and that really makes things a little better. So thanks for putting up with my crazy life.

  • girl you  need a stress reducer big time!! i know you will figure things out but you have to think of yourself right now and rest and try to reduce your stress the best way you can. for me it is writing down my thoughts and feelings and somehow they slip away. try to go to bed early tonight!
    Who let the dawgs out? image
  • Naty, I am so sorry that you are going through this.  I wish there was something I could do to help.  But I know that letting out your feelings will help and can be a big stress reducer.  You know you can always vent to us anytime.

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  • Hope you are getting some rest tonight.


  • I'm sorry, Naty. It must be hard going through all this.  Just know that you can vent to us anytime!
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