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Rec your Lender

We are trying to find a mortgage company who has a good knowledge of all the programs out there.

My MIL works for a company and is always talking about special programs.  But we don?t want to go with her company.  

Does anyone have any recommendations of someone who really impressed?


Re: Rec your Lender

  • I can tell you to stay away from Wintrust Mortgage.  They were formerly known as Baltimore American and they're not user-friendly or accomodating.  They have a "no closing cost" policy which just means they finance the closing costs into the mortgage, not that the closing costs don't exist. IMO, if you have to finance like that then you shouldn't be buying.  Another reason for the recession.
  • Mike Savani, 1st Mariner Mortgage, in Severna Park, (410) 647-8400

    DH used to work with him when DH was a Realtor and Mike did our mortgage.

    He is AWESOME. Very upfront and thorough and definitely helped us take advantage of all the buying programs that we could.

    We're going to put our house on the market sometime in the next year, and we'll definitely use him. DH talked to him to get an idea of some of the programs that would still be of value to us.

  • We deal with Dee Simms at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. She was great and got us into a 30 year fixed( which is what we wanted).
  • We dealt with Dee Simms at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage( My realto rcommended her after we were having no luck with a broker my husband used to work with, he was not responsive which burns me up. As a sidebar he finally got back to us after we had closed on our house.) She was great and got us into a 30 year fixed( which is what we wanted). When we go to re-fi she is the first person I will call.
  • Jason Abel at Wells Fargo. I LOVE Wells Fargo, we were able to refinance through them with no points and discounted closing costs while 3 other lenders told us we couldn't.
  • My MIL is a broker with Financial Security Consultants.  She is super knowledgeable about all the different programs.  She did ALOT of shopping around for us to find the best rate and help us get a mortgage without PMI.  We ended up joining a different credit union and got a mortgage through them.  A deal we never would have known about without her.   her name is Angie


  • I do not recommend going with National City Mortgage.  For two reasons.  1.  If you use their website to make your mortgage payment you will be charged a fee if it is not the first day of the month.  (You can make a payment online say from your bank but it is a pain).

    2.  If you want to accelerate the payment of your mortgage by paying 1/2 in the beginning of the month and 1/2 at the end of the month they will not accept your payment.  In order for them to accept your payment you have to pay a 200.00 plus fee and then a monthly fee to boot.

     Had I known this before DH and I would have used a different bank for our mortgage.

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