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BGE Peak Rewards trouble

I signed up for the adjustable thermostat several weeks ago and was given an installation date of Aug 19th.  The customer service rep told me to call about once a week to see if there were cancellations that I might be able to move my appointment up to.  I've called 2-3 times since then and always was told sorry, no cancellations.  The guy I talked to today said that cancellations are always filled with service calls, not installations.  Which I guess makes sense to me.  If my AC was broken I'd certainly want a cancellation spot too.  But I told the rep what the other reps had told me and he said he had heard this before and the other reps were wrong.  I'm thinking about cancelling the whole thing.  If I don't get the credit til the end of August how much will it help anyway?  Plus they don't seem willing to work with me when I call and supposedly the other reps aren't informed about the policies anyway.  Too much ignorance for my comfort.

Re: BGE Peak Rewards trouble

  • I wouldn't cancel it, they did say ahead of time it would be Aug 19th and while they mentioned the cancelations I never assume those are a garuntee. You won't get a ton back this summer but if they stop the program you'll be out the discount for all the summers still to come! 
  • besides, wouldn't it be nice to have a free programmable thermostat no matter what? With or without the credit, it'll help you save money.

    I know I'm looking forward to being able to leave the animals just enough A/C to not lay around panting while I'm out of the house but still have it tolerably cool when I get home.  I hate thinking of all the power we're wasting cooling the house during the day, but I also hate hate hate coming home to a hot and stuffy house and having to cook dinner while sweating and waiting for it to cool down.

  • We just had ours installed last week -- they were great and it only took him about 15 mins.  He said they had installed 105,000 already and their goal by next summer is 400,000!  I love the new programmable thermostat although we haven't played with it much.  I agree with pp -- even if you don't benefit a ton this year, you will in years to come. 
  • I told DH I don't want to sign up for Peak Rewards because I don't like the idea of potentially being home at some point and not being able to control the thermostat if it's "peak time" and they're cycling.  That said, we already have a programmable termostat and it's wonderful.  We have the temp set higher during the weekdays (lower in the winter), enough that the animals are comfortable and we're not coming home to a stuffy/freezing house, but not so much that it's our normal level of comfort for when we're home and thus, wasting money.

    So... I'd stick with it for the thermostat and the potential rewards for the future.  Even if the Peak Rewards program ends, you'll still have a programmable thermostat and it's a nice thing to have.

  • I'd stick with it!  We already have a programmable thermostat so we just got the switch, and it's awesome to get a $50 credit on your bill for 4 months (we do 100% cycling, though as far as we are concerned we have yet to actually be cycled).  Totally worth the wait.
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