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my 38 week update

Hi Ladies...

I went to the doc yesterday for my routine appt. all is well.

last week I had some false labour - contractions every 3-4 minutes, lasting 1 minute for a whole hour (I didn't bother waking DH, or worrying much). and since then I've had a lot of contractions - some Braxton Hicks, a few that come with some good cramps. However, with all that movement, I'm only fingertip (maybe 1cm) dialated. my doc tried to sweep my membranes yesterday, but my cervix was still really high, and only open a little bit, so she couldn't get her fingers in to do the procedure. I'm not too disappointed, I'm mentally and emotionally prepared to go 2 weeks over due this time... but I really hope I don't. especially since the U/S about 10 days ago estimated the baby's weight at 7lbs. I really want to have a small/normal sized baby this time around (even 9lbs would be awesome!). and, my doc is on vacation starting tonight until next wednesday... but it really doesn't matter to me who the catcher is - as long as its a qualified health professional.

so all is well here with this pregnancy... I'm just super tired and have a sore back most all the time now. I'm still going into work daily, and will be there right up until I have the baby - luckily work is at my parents' house, so even yesterday I laid on the couch for almost 2 hours. hope everyone else is doing well :)

Re: my 38 week update

  • Glad to hear things are moving along well for you Rachel. The false labour sucks because I know your anxious to meet your little one, hopefully you can get some rest before he/she arrives.


    BTW ? I?m on ?Team Pink? for you Wink

  • I was just thinking about you yesterday and wondering how you are doing.  I am glad that everything is going well.  It sounds like you are in a good frame of mind.

    Good luck with everything!

  • Sounds like you are getting there! I'm so excited for youe!!!!
  • Glad everything is going well - sucks you're only a fingertip, but maybe they're wrong with the size estimation this time?  here's hopin for ya!

    I have my app't this afternoon, I'm really hoping for some progress of some kind, but I'm trying to mentally prepare myself to be late as well...

  • i bet you are having a girl. ?You sound well and hopefully s//he will be here soon!
  • Glad to hear your appointment went well Rach.  Has the baby dropped at all?
  • ah yes, I have dropped. Last week my belly was measuring 41 (whereas the week before I was 34... which is why they made me have the U/S), and this week my belly measured 39... so doc said that I've dropped. I have a tonne of pressure down low. but to me, I'm just huge overall.
  • I am sending you lots of dialation and contraction dust. It is a new product I am offering since the recent success of my nap dust.
  • Don't let the lack of dilation get you down.  Remind yourself how those exams are most often so misleading.  Some women are 4 cm for weeks.  Then others go from 0-10 in a day.   I never even bothered to do checks the weeks before I had DD.

    I didn't want to be super late either.  (Medical induction scares me.)  So I got acupuncture to get things going (with my midwife's blessing.)  The second that last needle was in I was in full blown labour. 

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    Lilypie - (sGpn)

  • Glad to hear things are moving, too bad not as quickly as you had hoped.

    So excited to meet the little one (and half people you met last weekend are eager to hear too!)

  • CBLCBL member
    Glad to hear things are somewhat moving along.  You always have the best attitude, Rachel.  I'm sure that will see you through whether this happens soon or whether you're overdue again.  (but I'm hoping for soon, for your sake!)
  • Sounds like everything is going well Rach! And how lucky for you that you work at your parents, will you be taking some time off after baby arrives? I know you didn't take an official mat leave with Noah, so I hope you have a chance for a bit of time off this time around.
  • I'm glad to hear that things are going well!! Keep us posted, and good luck!
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