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Update on Albertabride06

So it looks like Angie is being transfered to a different hospital tonight where the staff can take better care of preemies under 32 weeks. The Dr is concerned now because her contractions are getting worse,  but good news is that she is still only  2cm so that hasn't changed much since this morning.

Re: Update on Albertabride06

  • Oh gosh! I'm sure she is quite scared. Fingers crossed that things slow down or stop so that baby can stay in for a bit longer.
  • Oh dear!   I hope things stall and the baby holds out for a while longer!
  • Thanks for keeping is updated! I hope the bun can stay in the oven a bit longer!!
  • Oh, scary! My thoughts are with her and her little one. Thanks for the updates.
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  • That's so scary, hold on baby Spud!

    I am glad they are transferring her to a different hospital though, I'm sure that will make her feel more safe knowing she has all those experts around her, fingers crossed that things will slow down and she won't have to make use of them.

     Please keep us updated if you hear more Betty!

  • Oh no!  She must be so scared.  My fingers are crossed that the baby stays in longer.

    Thanks for keeping us updated! 

  • Keeping Angela and Spud in my thoughts.

    Thanks for the updates Betty.

  • I'm keeping her and baby in my prayers.
  • Thanks for the update.

    C'mon baby, think of this as a vacation and relax another month or better yet two.  Give your mom a break.

  • thanks for the update, Betty. good that she's going to a better hospital.
  • Hang on Spud!  You need a few more weeks of baking!

    I hope things slow down and they can postpone it.  Hang in there Angie!  We're all thinking about you! 

  • Hang in there little spud...It's too soon to come out.

    Good luck Angie!

  • I really hope they are able to stop the contractions.  I am glad she is being transferred to a more specialized hospital.

    My thoughts are with you Angie!

  • Oh no. I hope she is OK. Please keep us posted with any news.
  • That poor girl!  I really hope they can slow things waaaaaaay down and that baby can grow for at least a couple more weeks. 
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  • I really hope they can get those contractions stopped.  Glad she's gone to a more specialized hospital though.  I'll definitely be keeping Angela and Spud in my thoughts.

    Thanks for the updates Betty.

  • Hang in their a little while longer baby!!!!!
  • Dear Spud - please stay inside your mommy. It is warm and fun inside there. It is humid and gross out here. You won't like it. Although I hear that in 8 weeks it will be a lot better and you should make your appearance then.

    Sending lots of prayers along for the contractions to stop!

  • I hope they can stop these contractions. ??

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  • Hang on little baby, please don't come out yet!!! Please tell Angie we are sending thoughts and prayers her way and thank you for keeping us updated!
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  • Yikes, how scary! Thanks for keeping us posted, Angie will be in my thoughts and prayers.
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