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Is this silly?

DH and I are planning on TTC this summer.  We were going to start in July, but we are going on a wine tour in the Okanogan Valley the first week of August with DHs family, and I really want to be able to enjoy the tours - ie, drink the wine!  I also don't want the ILs to guess when we are only a few weeks along.

Is it silly to put off TTC for a month just for this?  FWIW, if I happened to get pregnant first cycle trying (unlikely, I know) I would be finding out ON the trip!

Re: Is this silly?

  • Personally, I think that I would wait the extra month, but then again, my DD was conceived during a trip to Las Vegas with plenty of anniversary celebrating going on, so maybe I'm not the best person to answer your question.

    When I found out I was pg, and mentioned the constant drinking during my trip, to my Dr, she said that there was most likely nothing to worry about b/c it was so early in the pg.  As proof, Lexi was born perfectly healthy:-)

  • I don't think it is silly at all! The only one holding you to your TTC schedule is you. It shouldn't be an issue with anyone else. I would go and enjoy yourself.
  • I don't think it's silly to wait the month. I love me some wine!
  • It is a little unlikely that you'll get pg on the first try (but certainly not impossible!), I personally would start trying and go on the trip, but I was also of the mindframe that when we were trying I wasn't going to let it stop my life.

    I too had a few nights of over indulgence when pg (and not knowing it), and my doctor was not even remotely concerned when I told her.

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