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brazilian or bikini wax?

I'm going to get waxed but i'm not sure if i should get a Brazilian, and get all the hair off, or bikini, which will get most of it.  Anyone done either and have any thoughts? The price is about the same. Is it worth it to go through the pain of it just for a few more patches? TIA

Re: brazilian or bikini wax?

  • I'd leave a "landing strip" instead of going completely bare.  It just seemed a little, um, pre-pubescent when I took everything off.
  • dh and i love the brazillian. but it's not for everyone...start with the bikini and then make up your mind. take ibuprofen a hour before you go.
  • I get an "in-betweenie"  It is something my lady does.  It between a full brazilian, but more than a bikini wax.  If you can stand the worst part of a bikini wax (when they get closer to your junk), you would probably be alright with a brazilian if that is what you want.  Have fun!!! :)
  • I have had both and I highly recommend the full Brazilian as it feels much cleaner all over! The only downside with not having a "landing strip" is that the front portion can get somewhat uncomfortable during sex around the third week of your hair growing back.

    That's the issue I'm having right now since I love it for the first two weeks, but the whole third week is painful since we have sex almost daily. It doesn't help that I have coarse hair and the minimum between visits for me is three weeks.

    Either way, I very much agree with hbird315 on the use of ibuprofen at least an hour before your appointment. Also, I strongly recommend using the after-wax lotion "Finipil" by Nufree; it's a miracle lotion!

    Good luck!

  • I've done what's called a Hollywood which is leaving a landing strip and living the bum alone. It's a good in between step.  Like others said take something before and don't make the appointment around the time of AF. It will be more painful.
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  • The Brazilian will do wonders for your sex life! It makes everything more sensitive making for a more enjoyable experience!
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  • The difference between them is one strip, which is the butt part, and the easiest too.  The top is gonna hurt like hell, so take some advil or some kind of pain killer to help. It will last for about an hour (the after pain) but its worth it. 
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  • image snowday!:
    I'd leave a "landing strip" instead of going completely bare.  It just seemed a little, um, pre-pubescent when I took everything off.


  •   Try sugaring if possible. I find it kinder to the skin.
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