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Yeast Infection? Possible TMI

I am not trying to get a diagnosis from people on a message board, but I am just wondering if anyone else has experienced this. About a week ago (right around the time I started my period), I began to have an itching/burning sensation on the outside of my vagina. It kind of itched/hurt the way it would if I had very tiny cuts on it, but there were no cuts on it. However, DH looked and could tell where my pain was, so apparently it was a bit swollen. Now, a week later, it is itching a little less but still kind of hurting, and the itching has kind of moved from the outside lips to actually inside my vagina. I have never had a YI before, but I know they itch quite a bit. Does this sound like a YI or something else?

 Edit: And I forgot to add that while having sex, it was kind of tight and uncomfortable, and my vagina hurt afterward. And, I was plenty lubed and warmed up, so that should not have caused discomfort.

Re: Yeast Infection? Possible TMI

  • Call your doc.  You can never error on the side of caution.
  • With a YI, you tend to get a cottage-cheese like discharge.  I recommend going to your doctor on this one instead of just buying stuff for a YI. 
  • it would also have a yeasty smell... i dont always get cottage cheese discharge with a YI though

  • Thankfully modern medicine has the test at home yeast infection kits. IF it is a yeast infection, abstain from sex until the symptoms clear up-not even with a condom. You could just have vaginal ph balance issues and there are creams that can soothe the burning/itching issues. If it persists then see a doc. Most of the time it's a mild yeast infection, if the yeast infection detecting kit says it's not a yeast infection it could be a bacterial infection witch there are NO OTC options and you must see a doctor. Main difference is if any discharge is discolored and smells fishy or sour then it's most likely a bacterial infection.


  • Sounds like a YI to me.  I just got over one and no, you do not always have a cottage cheese like substance nor does it always smell yeasty(both times I have had them*diagnosed by my ob/gyn* I had not other symptoms other than burning and itching.

    As for abstaining from ob/gyn said after I had don the treatment that as long as it wasn't uncomfortable for me then go right ahead. I still had some mild itching and burning after the 3 day monistate treatment but it wasn't uncomfortable to stop dh and I. After I got my period all symptoms stopped.

      In general the little pita YI tend to show up about a week before you period and as long as it is mild enough once you get your period it should clear itself up on it's own.  I try to make sure the week before my period I eat two containers of yougurt every day and I am also now taking a probiotic supplement (helps keep ph balance regulated).

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