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Buyer Beware....

Some of you have read my long story about my battle with buying baby furniture at Kids Town.

The short of the long story is that we wanted to shop locally, found a great crib and dresser at KT, put them on hold, then went in and got the floor model dresser on layaway for us, they then gave the floor model away, we had to order a brand new one, at a higher cost. Grrr.

Well the saga continues....

Our crib came in, looks great, etc. Our dresser however, that was due LAST month is not coming in until JULY! (and our baby is due in two weeks...) They gave us a "loaner", but we live 45 minutes from the store and it will be up to us to return it and get the new one. They also made me keep 20% down on the dresser that we dont have, and then overcharged my debit card by over $400. It was a nightmare (it still is).

I wish that they would offer us a discount for the HUGE inconvience. As much as we try to shop locally we will no longer shop at this store because of their huge mistakes, rude staff, and greed.

Just wanted to give others a heads up.....

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I love these two beautiful children!
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Re: Buyer Beware....

  • Thanks for posting. You must be getting so excited!!! Two weeks!

    I have heard similar things about them from other people and actually have never been in the store though. I hate Walmart, but I think we are registering there instead of Kids Town. Target is my first choice, but I think people are going to be annoyed with shipping fees for some of the larger items.?

    Keep us posted about your little guys arrival! Can't wait to see pictures!?

    Our big u/s is next week! Did you get a dvd of the u/s? I am not sure our doctor does that, but I know Fletcher Allen does. I don't want to get my hopes up.?
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  • I am so sorry that you have had a hard time with Kidstown.  I do have to offer a rebuttal though in that they have been nothing but extremely friendly, prompt, and AMAZING to me and my husband.  We bought our crib and one dresser from stock at 20% off and then purchased another dresser off the floor (I hope not yours) and requested an additional discount on that and they gave me 30% off.  Everything was delivered on time and in great shape and every time I go in there, they talk to me like an old friend and we joke around about baby "things".  I say this not to make you feel bad but to offer another side to the story...

    I probably wouldn't register there though, mostly b/c it's not online and much of our family/friends are not local (I thought about supplementing there b/c they carried my stroller and carseat whereas BRU, where we are registered, didn't) but ended up just buying those two items ourselves.  I also buy the baby's Haba toys at Kidstown along with other little things...

    So again, I'm so sorry that you are dealing with this as it's the last thing you should have to worry about...on a good note, you're baby is coming in TWO WEEKS!  YAY and I can't wait to see pictures!! : )  Good luck!


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  • vtb.... I am glad that you had a good experience (unless you got my dresser!! :) ). I have a friend that is shocked by my experience, but we also have a friend (with a new baby) and a cousin (due in a week) that are both still waiting for furniture ordered months ago. It's just frustrating. But I am glad to know that you are set up and ready to go for your baby :)
    Like giveaways? Like my blog!
    I love these two beautiful children!
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  • : )  I checked and we ordered the same line but different colors... : )  Thank goodness...I thought I was going to have to give you my dresser for a minute!!

    I can't believe you only have 2 weeks left!  AAAHHHH!!  So exciting!


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