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I hurt my toe :(

DH and my brother were working on DH's car. They were rolling it backwards onto ramps (one per tire). (This kind of ramp-- http://tinyurl.com/6z8kl7). They asked me to watch the ramp so it wouldn't move out of place when they put the car on it.

Well, I tapped it a little because it moved and the tire wouldn't have been all the way on it. I wasn't fast enough and they were rolling it at the same time as I was shifting the ramp. Well, my big toe went under the ramp, just as the Camaro got to the top of the ramp. I screamed "GET IT DOWN MOVE THE CAR" and I was screaming and crying.

They rolled the car back down, off the ramp and I pulled my toe out and was screaming and crying. OMG. The worst pain ever. My toe had a big dent in it and I couldn't move it. It was numb. I wobbled inside (after crying for a few minutes) and iced it. It's feeling okay right now, a little numb and swollen and of course, bruised. I can move it now, so that's good.

DH said he didn't believe me, because apparently I joke around too much and he thought I was joking. :(  I'm just glad I still have my toe. Then I find out the reason they were lifting the back of the car, was to remove some stupid bolt to make DH's car louder. Grr!

Re: I hurt my toe :(

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