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Re: timepasses

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    wrong post


  • Ok this is how you change your siggy.

    go to my nest

    click edit profile

    scroll down to signature and change

    then save changes.

    You can put pics and stuff as your siggy.  I have not been able to do that since I am only here on work and none of the siggys will load and I can't get to any of the websites to upload from because they are ALL blocked, haha.

  • Were did you go, wait your  my bad.
  • Sorry I am back.  One of my pts. coughed up his ET tube so I had to go and help push it back in.  Now we are waiting on X-Ray to confirm placement and then I will go back up to retape.  Fun times.

    How have you been it has been FOREVER and a day since I have talked to you. 

  • i was hungry, i just ate some chicken and veggies..  i am getting so full lately.  i feel ill now....


  • So my tattoo hurt like crazy....ouch, ouch, ouch.  I really like it though.  My brother was funny, he said....ok your husband needs to come home cuz your getting bored. Did you get to see the pic's i posted
  • Thats not good.  My personal trainer put me on an eating plan with certain times that I have to eat.  Its going ok thus far.

    Girl, I have not been doing much on my days off at all.  I have been reading the Sookie Stackhouse series now and I just stay in bed, sleep then read, hahaha.

    Here in June I have off 6 days the whole month.  Hellllooooo comp time Smile.

    I probably could take off another month once our hubbys get home.  But I'm not going to.  Just like 10 days because before I know it he will be living with me...Its going to be weird.  But enjoyable.

  • image timepasses:
    So my tattoo hurt like crazy....ouch, ouch, ouch.  I really like it though.  My brother was funny, he said....ok your husband needs to come home cuz your getting bored. Did you get to see the pic's i posted

    I did see the pics.  It is really nice.  I especially liked the one of you grinding your teeth, haha.  Priceless!

    I still want mine but I am being a tight wad right now.  I have save 2500.00 in two weeks.  Plus I am still ahead on all my bills.  I really don't want any debt when the guys get home.  I am so nervous about our financial situation know when.  I am just trying to be proactive!  The hubs thinks I am crazy!

  • Why so much money in two weeks.  your just on a schedule in your head  you are paroinoid but i feel the same way.  TAKE TIME OFF.  what is wrong with you.  i'd be taking the whole month they got home off if i were you...HELLO SEX...SEX...SEX...
  • HAHAHAHAHA!!!!  I am paranoid.  When it comes to our money that is.  It drives the hubs nuts.  But everything is handled and he still manages to get the car parts he wants...btw I will take a pic of my living room and send it to you so you can see how he is biding his time in Iraq. 

    Well...I would take the whole month off but I can't really.  Plus he doesn't want me to miss a lot of work because he has all these places he wants us to go to.  It is funny.  Oh well. 

    So what number are you on the list?  I am ready for you to come back!

  • i'm only number 86...been stuck there for about over a week.  who knows with housing.  i need to call them.  i want to move in aug, the beginning for sure.  I have mixed emotions about going.   Trust me i want to go but i know i'm gonna go into a huge funk when i get there, just from being lonley and what not, used to having people around 24/7. We'll see, i'm def going either way, more reason for you to come out when ever you can. 
  • Oh, well we can be in a funk together.  At least it will give you a chance to lay the law down your YOUR OWN HOUSE!!!!  I will be there don't worry.  I have to move some stuff down there and get his room ready. 

    You know you could always come and visit me.  The kids are more than welcome to come too.  I just don't know if you want to make that drive with them.  That would be up to you.  But the offer is there.  I do have a yard and live two houses from a park.  Big Smile

  • The park is their favorite... its like saying ice cream for I need to lay down the law.  my parents are going to florida for a week on wensday so we'll see how that go's with them being away. 

    ok girl, i'm gonna hit the hay, i am gonna be passed out before my head hits the pillow i am so tired.  We;ll chat tomorrow.  have a good night and sleep good tomorrow.



  • Alright, I will try.  You get some sleep too.  I will call you when I wake up.  Ttyl.
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