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p90x and resistance bands

The resistance bands are to be used in place of the pull up bar correct?

How does that work exactly? The ones I got did not come with anything for a door I need that?? 

I want to start today but I'm so confused.....

Re: p90x and resistance bands

  • What we did was bought a really heavy hook and DH put it into a stud in our ceiling, it holds over 200lbs so we put our bands on the hook and do pull ups just as they do on the DVD with the bands. I think you can also put something on your door? Someone else might now better then me.
  • The resistance bands I bought at Modell's came with a door attachment on them.  It's a thick woven material with a solid ball inside.  You slide the material between the top of the door and the door jamb (with the ball on the opposit side of the door), then shut the door.  Voila!  The ball on the other side of the door keeps the band from flying out into your face.  It also just slides out of the way, so you don't step on it or whatever while you're using the bands when they aren't hooked on the door. 

    I have seen separate attachments sold separately, but I forget where.

  • PP suggestion sounds right.  We had a pull up bar in our doorway going out to our garage so I looped the bands over that to do pull-ups until I was strong enough to do them on my own.  Then that pull-up bar broke so we tried to do them in the garage with the band over the rafter and that didn't work, the resistrance band broke so you definitely want to put it over something round, not like a rafter/beam that has corners.  DH had a nasty bruise from the band snapping back and hitting him in the chest!

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